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Beauty and Fashion Trends for Going Out

Beauty and Fashion Trends for Going Out
Going out is all about having fun, right? Wrong! Going out is about getting glammed up to the eyeballs and showing the rest of the town who the real queen of the nightlife catwalk is! Here are the most up to date fashion trends for a glamorous night on the tiles.
Wear your technology on your sleeve
More and more these days, technology is becoming part of nightlife fashion and this has never been truer than in 2014. This year will see the introduction of wearable technology to the arsenal of the most up to the minute fashionistas. This term encompasses a number of different devices, including smart watches and optical head mounted displays.
Of course, as well as being the height of fashion, these items can join forces with your smartphone to enhance your evening. You can quickly connect with friends and check out the best places to be. Having a mobile device means you can quickly and easily browse top restaurants, bars, taxis, takeaways and other useful outlets on the go – which is especially helpful if you’re in an unfamiliar city for a weekend. Also, you can check out a world of entertainment if there’s a lull in proceedings.
Blondes Have More Fun
Blondes Have More Fun, or so they say – a mantra which has long held sway. Whether that’s actually true or not – it surely isn’t – sometimes it’s just too tempting to sport a different look for a while! Going for a change of hair and style will make you feel fresh and new, and you’ll definitely turn heads. The blonder the better, in fact, with almost white hair considered the height of fashion for 2014. Other in-vogue hair styles and trends are profiled in this article on
The Eyes Have It
This season, your eyes should take center stage on the dance floor. There are lots of different individual styles that you can work with but the common denominator will be super long lashes. Lengthy eye lashes will go particularly well with feline themed eye designs. The fairy look will also be popular, for this you’ll need a mixture of glitter and leafy tones. To really steal the show, you could go unashamedly all out glam with golden eye lids.
Less IS More
Although you want your eyes to be popping out of your head with style this season, the rule of thumb this year with the rest of your make up is that less is actually more. You should pair subtle foundations with a light smattering of sparkle, a combination that should allow your natural beauty to shine through. Here are a few other inspirational make up trends for this year, courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.
Disco Balls
As ever, there will be a wide array of clothes doing the rounds on a night out this year, however, the most fashionable clubbers will be taking inspiration from the 70s disco scene. Opalescent skirts and handbags are all the rage. However, if you’re not quite comfortable with such potentially large levels of glam, then you could try something a bit less glitzy: the hippy look. This trend again takes inspiration from eras gone by but is a bit more forgiving, with lots of natural colors and loose fitting, relaxed fabrics.

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