Lazy Hype Makes Sustainable Fashion Accessible to All

By Ashley Castillo.

Lazy Hype is a conservative yet edgy brand that offers loungewear to be worn to provide comfort to customers.  The inspiration behind creating Lazy Hype was making sustainable products accessible to all and bringing more awareness to local production. What sets Lazy Hype apart from other brands is to keep production local. Everything has a percentage of recycled content, offers a low minimum private label to fitness studios and wellness influencers, and is extremely affordable. Each brand has an expression people connect the brand to, and Lazy Hype’s energy to it is positivity because the vision is to bring greater awareness to how competitors manufacture. The more greater will be, The bigger the impact on our planet. The ideal plan for people to think when purchasing is that it has the trendiest, most affordable and sustainable activewear pieces. 

The future for Lazy Hype is expanding the product categories and growing the team at a bigger capacity. Although the excellence of an active loungewear brand they would still be included in the fashion industry and enjoy navigating the industry with traditional buying/sourcing patterns. The founder, Lizeth Hernandez, has 12 years of experience in the industry, from buying, development, and sourcing. Her goal behind creating in the fashion industry is sustainability to be top of competitors’ minds and change how people shop. She can keep up with trends through a lot of market research,  and Instagram observation and observation as she travels. Her opinion on fast fashion is it can be continued but clean up the manufacturing processes, and the fabrications and aim to build more local production infrastructures. I loved how Kourtney Kardashian brought more awareness with her collaboration with Boohoo it made an impact and statement. Future partnerships and collaboration she looks forward to working with is Jessica Alba. She loves the authenticity behind her brand Honest. 

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