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It’s loud and crowded at a local café in Studio City. I’m looking for a striking and statuesque woman among the people standing in line to get coffee when I hear a boisterous, roaring, unique laugh. There she is! Ellen Dubin is sitting at a table inside, socializing with some of the other regular patrons.
“Hi, beautiful! MISSED YOU!” Her voice resonates as she spots me entering the doorway, jumps up, and gives me a squeeze. Dubin talks a mile a minute, catching me up on her recent auditions and voice over bookings. “OHMYGOD, you’ve got to hear this! Did you know…?”
She suddenly gets hushed and she whispers something confidential so the people at the next table can’t hear. When she hits the punch line, she gives me the “Dubin nudge” with both of us bursting out in laughter and exchanging a look only people two longtime friends can understand. The next table starts laughing and they don’t know why. It’s because of Dubin. Her upbeat energy and laugh are infectious. She has that effect on people!
This Gemini-nominated actress for Best Actress in a Continuing Role for the Canadian version of the US Emmy Awards stars in The Collector. The series is a supernatural drama about a man who collects souls for the devil. In it, Dubin plays passionate journalist Jeri Slate, who will stop at nothing to get to the truth about who and what this mysterious collector is and does. She is also a single mother of an autistic son who may be the son of the devil. This hit show has been seen in more than 65 countries and is now showing on The Chiller TV Network in the US.
Ellen has also done a wide variety of acting roles from Boeing, Boeing opposite Peter Scolari (Bosom Buddies, Honey I Shrunk The Kids…) to her infamous role (with a mega fan base) as the wild and wacky cannibal Giggerota the Wicked in the worldwide cult hit LEXX.
Ah, but that’s not all! Read on for the full interview.

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