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Who hasn’t gone to the mall and wished an entire store could be your very own personal closet? Lauren Holly certainly has—in fact, that is what sparked her collaboration, Lauren’s Closet, with Canadian brand Le Château. The 1970s-esque collection, inspired completely by the female body and how women love to look good and feel good, is filled with soft suede, cozy blanket scarves, and a whole lot of plaid—basically everything you’ll ever need this fall. And trust us when we say you will want everything.

Cliché: What sparked your collaboration with Le Château?
Lauren Holly: In 2014, I made a movie titled After the Ball. At my first fitting (a big deal since the movie was about fashion!), I became enamored with the clothes. I found out that they were designed by a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal. So I went to the mall, and I started shopping there so much that I would joke on set with the owners that the real name of their stores should be Lauren’s Closet!

What was your inspiration for curating this collection?
The female body, inside and out. We have changed. We are taking care of a lot, personally and professionally. We love to look good, and need to feel comfortable in [our clothes]. We don’t have a lot of time to work it out before running out the door, and we still have to be prepared for what the day, and evening, could bring. Not to mention, it is fun to have the latest “thing!”

Did you have a particular mood or muse in mind?
We are back to the ‘70s. I remember thinking that Shelley Hack, as the girl in the Charlie perfume commercials, seemed to have it all. Walking across that street, she seemed headed somewhere. My closet is filled with stuff that that same woman would wear.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?
ALL of them! I picked each for my closet! I will pick trends instead: Suede. It says “fall” perfectly. I’ve got boots, a shirt, and a dreamy wrap-around jacket. Then there’s plaid. I have got the best easy shirts, ponchos, blanket scarves, and a perfect turtleneck tunic. And fringe! Everywhere!

Let’s talk shoes! Do you prefer ankle boots or knee-highs for the fall? And how would you style them?
Both. It depends on my mood. I love to wear ankle boots and tights with either a tunic on top, or maybe a short skirt and sweater. Then I wear knee-highs with leggings and a drapey wrap sweater, and maybe a statement necklace.

What fall trend do you hope never goes away?
Caramel suede. It just looks good.

Are there any fashion-related projects you are currently working on for the near future?
The Lauren Holly Collection is a line of Holiday, HOLLYday, linens. It has always been my favorite time of year, and I get so proud when I make a room look good.

What’s next for you?
Next, I’m excited to be at TIFF for a scary movie I did with Emma Roberts called February. Then I am back to Dr. Betty on Motive. It is good to be busy!

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Lauren Holly Interview: Photograph courtesy of Le Château

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