How To Keep Your Skin Looking Fabulous

We can’t shed our skin: so how can we make it healthier?
healthy skin photoIt’d be amazing if we were all a bit more like snakes. Just imagine if you could shed your skin whenever you were feeling dissatisfied with it, like a customer returning a coat they didn’t like.
Would it be a private thing to do, like farting, burping or watching Take Me Out? Or would you be able to rock up onto a pavement on the high street and shed your old skin without anyone batting an eyelid? It might sound ideal, but just imagine the ordeal street cleaners will have to go through picking your sodden skin from the pavement.
But eco-concerns aside, a regular dose of new skin could save you a load of cash. No more moisturizers, cleansers, foundations or worries about the sun burning your back.
Alas, all this is nothing but a dream. If you’re looking for uber-fashionable skin, you’ll still have to shell out for a few products.
To stop your fantasizing about reptile skin, we’ve come up with a few ways to make it look as though it’s as fresh as a revitalized snake. Take a look and let your pores rejoice!
moisturizerCleanse to perfection
Speaking of reptiles, have you noticed how many high street moisturizers seem like snake oil? They’ll brag about “MIRACULOUS RESULTS” or proclaim their “AMAZING EFFECTS”. But in reality, they’re about as effective as a windbreaker in a hurricane.
That’s not to say that all products are a con – you just have to be careful what you opt for.
For our money, an effective Proactiv cleanser is your best bet. Here’s a product that does what it says on the tin, removing dry skin and making your pores clean and clear. It comes highly recommended from us.
H20 to go
drinking-87155_640 Do you dine out on Diet Coke, guzzle gallons of coffee and practically live on fruit juices? Then it’s no wonder your skin is a bit peaky.
Replace a few of your dehydrating drinks with an average of eight glasses of water a day. Regular consumption will hydrate your skin all the more, giving you rosier cheeks and altogether more energy.
Beauty sleep (literally)
We’ve all heard the cliché about beauty sleep – but who’d have guessed it’d actually be true.  Scientists have found that those who suffer from a poor night’s sleep are deemed less attractive by prospective partners.  Without your regular eight hours of sleep a night, your pores will be more likely to dry up. So get tucked in and enjoy healthier skin!
Written by Kevin Fullerton
Images provided by Pixel Bay Creative Commons Usage Licence
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