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Jewelry Trends That Are Going to Take Over In 2020

Jewelry Trends

Jewelry trends are always exciting and 2020 will undoubtedly bring new concepts in fashion while reintroducing the old ones with some tweaks. New jewelry trends are already making some hits, and this blog is going to cover everything you need to watch out this year. If you want to keep your fashion game up in 2020, check the following trends and see what is missing from your jewelry box.

Jewelry trends

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What’s New in The Ear Rings?

Over-sized, bold, and statement earrings are going to be a thing in 2020. You may have already seen models wearing supersized hoops in different fashion shows. So, if you are going to invest in new earrings this year, invest in large hooped ones because they are here to stay for 2020.

Bridal Sets Are Changing

Elegant diamond bridal sets have passed the test of time, but 2020 has something more fancy to offer. Diamond double halo bridal sets filled with a lot and a lot of diamonds in a detailed manner are already a hit. If you want to go with something simple, that’s your choice, but 2020 demands it to be a little extra this year.

Bracelets- A Forever Hit

When it comes to bracelets, this year you can wear anything you want as long as it matches your overall look and personality. You can get a pair of bracelets to share with your best friend or a statement bracelet that makes you look and feel fabulous. You can even get one with your favorite movie quotes and probes.  2020 is welcoming all elegant bracelets.

What About Engagement Rings?

Just like bracelets, engagement rings are also up to your personal preferences. However, we have a little tip for you. While choosing an engagement ring for your partner, keep their personality and choice in your mind and we guarantee they will love it.

What’s the Update in Necklaces?

It seemed at the end of 2019 that this would be the last year for the chokers, but from the very start of 2020, they made a grand entry in the form of huge chains. You can get an idea from the latest jewelry collection by Channel. They have made quite a statement with their oversized chain chokers and we have a feeling that it is going to be a big hit this year. Pair your choker with a dress that compliments it and watch yourself shine above everyone.

The bottom line is that when it comes to fashion jewelry, you have to be very up to date with new trends. An outdated piece of jewelry can kill your whole vibe and you will not be able to make the statement that you want to make. So, check your jewelry box today and see how many updates you need.

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