Collection of the Moment: Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn 2014

I, Katherine Rivera, am the self proclaimed queen of nostalgia. In times of stress and difficulty, I like to leave the present and daydream about days past. A decade that I always find myself always throwing a nostalgia party for, one that I’m always dipping my toes into is the 1990’s. The 1990’s holds a special place in my heart, specifically because I was born and raised in this era. This is where I learned to read, was exposed to classic Nickelodeon and where most importantly, started to develop my love for clothes. Nostalgic for the 1990’s and its crazy fashion as well? Well, look no further than the Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn 2014 collection this fall.
This collection will make even DJ Tanner and Clarissa Ferguson enthusiasts squeal with enjoyment with its geometric prints that will make you ready for any math class. Lazy Oaf also brings the cartoon prints real strong this autumn with crazy cats and animated sunglasses that I’m sure Doug Funnie and Gerald Johannsson will give a crazy thumbs up to. The Autumn 2014 lookbook, goes to show that Oaf really nailed it, styling their creations with hip hop footwear such as Nike Slides and Adidas combined with crisp, white folded socks and longer Nike ones, shoe combinations that were iconic during the beginning of the decade.
The Lazy Oaf Women’s Autumn Collection look book is available for viewing and purchasing on For a limited time, the website is giving students 10% off for back to school! Hurry while you can!
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