Jacqueline Quinn Fall 2015 Collection

If you are looking for fashion pieces and accessories that will make you look and feel like an all-around glamazon at any event or social gathering, look no further than the Jacqueline Quinn Fall 2015 Collection. Set to be showing February 2015 in both Dublin and London, before hitting the streets of New York the very same month, Quinn’s line is exquisite. Inspired and influenced by the Nifty Fifty films and their wardrobes, Quinn herself sits down with Cliché to talk inspiration, design school, and the oh so infamous “I made it!” moment.
Cliché: What is the inspiration behind your line of gowns, evening purses, and jewelry?
Jacqueline Quinn: I’ve always been inspired by Old Hollywood, 1950’s movies, and Grace Kelly. For me, they epitomise glamour and uber feminism—a trait which I try to harness in my collections, whether it be a jewelled clutch or evening gown.
What is the best and hardest part about designing products?
It is not hard so to speak, but time consuming. I’m a perfectionist and I try to put my complete attention into each piece I design. Every bead or stitch in a garment needs to be faultless for me to sign off. In that regard, it takes a lot of time to execute a full collection, especially when you’re working associates overseas. The best part is when you see it finished in its entirety; all those months of work finally pay off when your vision has come to life.
Did you go to school for design? If so, what was your favorite class?
Yes, I studied at the Grafton Academy of Fashion Design in Dublin, Ireland. My favorite class was Illustration. I love the art of envisioning a design and then being able to create it through illustration. At the time I really disliked sewing, but ironically enough I love it now.
Is there a specific routine that you have for designing?
For me there is no routine, but there is the discipline of the season. For fall collections you need to be presenting in February and for spring collections you need to be ready by fall of the previous year, so there are very regimented time restraints, and developing a time routine in order to have everything ready is one which comes with experience!
What do you typically wear while working and designing?
I love wearing something comfortable when I’m working. For me, a casual Red Valentino or Missoni knit is ideal. They have a casual approach, but are fun, too.
If you were to go back to the beginning of your career, would you do anything differently?
I don’t think I would change anything specifically. However, I do wish I had balanced my career more equally between the United States and Europe. For a long time, I leaned towards the US market, living in New York and basing my collections accordingly. I think if I were to do anything differently, I would have maintained my European heritage more, possibly open a shop there, or split my time evenly between the two continents. There is so much diversity in the US, from New York style, to California casual—and, I love that, but I also adore the Italian and Parisian influences. I am happy to say I will be launching my new collection in Europe in February and in the US at end of 2015.
Describe the moment where you thought: “Wow, I made it!”
Honestly, I’ve never experienced a “Wow, I made it!” moment, but there have been times in my career which I felt a huge sense of achievement. I remember when I first presented one of my collections in New York, just seeing the runway, my collection, the models—it had all come together just as I had imagined and it was a really special moment for me.
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Photographs courtesy of Jacqueline Quinn

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