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How to Wear a Kaftan: 7 Stylish Tips

how to wear a kaftan

Most people might see kaftan as a fashion trend and nothing more, but the truth is that this piece of clothing has been around for a long, long time.  A kaftan, or caftan, is a loose, flowy garment that looks similar to a tunic and that’s originally from Ancient Mesopotamia.  From the 14th century until now, a variety of kaftans have been used by men and women of many different cultures. However, the ones that we now use in Western fashion are inspired by the Moroccan kaftans from the 60s. 

Keep on reading and find out how to wear a kaftan flawlessly.

how to wear a kaftan

7 Tips on How to Wear a Kaftan

When you wear a kaftan, it becomes the star of your look.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some thought into the rest of the outfit. With these 7 tips, you’ll let the kaftan shine, while complementing it with the perfect pieces.And more: you’ll be able to come up with appropriate for any occasion you can think of.  Your outfit will be perfect!

1. Accessorize It Well

The first thing you should think about when it comes to accessorizing is if you actually need to do it. Some kaftans have very beautiful complex patterns and in those cases, the accessories might be a little bit too much. If you really want to, wear a pair of small earrings or a plain ring.  However, when your kaftan is more on the simple side, you can go a little crazier on the accessories.  For formal situations, consider wearing a pair of oversized earrings or a sleek necklace. For the beach, add a stylish straw hat and a pair of sunglasses and make the perfect Summer outfit.

2. Choose the Right Shoes

Just like the accessories, the shoes you wear can make or break the outfit.  Now, the “right shoes” will greatly depend on where you’ll be wearing your kaftan.  For formal events, a nude heel never disappoints, especially if you’re wearing a kaftan with a lot of patterns. For the beach, a pair of simple sandals will do. For casual occasions, sneakers that match the colors on the kaftan can be a good choice. 

how to wear a kaftan3. Match the Length to the Occasion

There are kaftans of all lengths, which is one of the main reasons why this is such a versatile garment.  So think about where you’re going and look for a kaftan that is appropriate.  Our suggestion would be a short one for the beach, a medium-length one for work-related situations or family gatherings and a long one for formal events.  You can even find kaftan tops. Match them with your favorite pair of jeans and some nice sneakers and you have a fashionable yet comfortable look for your everyday life.

4. Pay Attention to the Fabric

Kaftans are also very diverse in terms of fabric.  Once again, the right fabric will depend on where you’re wearing the kaftan and what’s appropriate or not. Plus, you should also take into consideration how cold or warm it will be.  For the beach or Summer parties, choose flowy fabrics. For formal events, silk, rayon or satin can make for amazing looks. For casual gatherings, a cotton is a good option.

5. Match It with the Right Bag

Wearing the right bag with your kaftan can bring a lot of balance to your entire look.   As we said before, kaftans are pretty loose, which can make it look a bit oversized. So when you wear one, go for a smaller bag or even a clutch. When it comes to the color, the secret is to match it to the kaftan.   If you’re wearing a unicolor kaftan, you can choose a bag that’s a little bit more over-the-top. If your kaftan is patterned, try to go for a more subtle bag.

kaftan6. Accentuate Your Waist 

One reason that you should be interested in learning how to wear a kaftan is because if the kaftan is oversized, it might end up hiding your curves.  Celebrating your body is the biggest fashion trend there is!  So choose a thin belt or a rope, figure out where in your waist it looks best and rock it.  When you wear the kaftan to the beach, we’d suggest you go for the rope and give the outfit a boho look.  For formal events, wear a belt. Once again, choose the belt according to how simple or complex your kaftan looks. Simple belts for patterned kaftans and flashy belts for plain kaftans.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of the Patterns

We’ve been talking about patterns all throughout this article and our last tip is simply to encourage you to try them out!  If you’re used to wearing simple outfits, rocking a crazy kaftan might seem a little bit intimidating. But hey, why not get out of your comfort zone once in a while?  We’re 150% sure you’ll look awesome. Especially if you follow our other tips!

A Versatile Piece of Clothing

There are so many different styles of kaftans that you can pretty much wear them anywhere. Even if you only have one in your wardrobe, the way you wear it and the pieces you wear it with can make a huge difference in your overall look.

How to wear a kaftan is totally up to you.  Over a bikini to the beach, with your best pair of heels to a more formal occasion, with a pair of sneakers for a walk in the park… whatever you want!  If you want some more tips on how you can rock your kaftan, you can always read more on our blog or shoot us a message.

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