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How To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Winter

Today we want to share tips on how to prepare your wardrobe for winter. When the winter months roll around, it is time to switch out the summer dresses for something a bit warmer. But is there an easy way to make the process of switching your wardrobe around easier? Here are some tips to help you swap floaty fabrics for sweater weather apparel.

Wear it again

This might come as a surprise but there are probably a lot of your items that can be worn during the winter if you accessorize properly. Those short dresses in darker colors can be worn with tights and knitwear. You could add a pair of sleeves to a short top to make it wearable in the cold weather. This can take a little bit of imagination but it is possible to repurpose your summer clothes for the winter. This will also help keep your clothes shopping bill to a minimum as you will only need to buy a few pieces to update your outfits for the winter.

Storage bags

There will be plenty of items that will not make the cut and need to be stored away so that they are not taking up room in your wardrobe. Adding some shoe racks and cabinets for your home can help you store your shoes and excess clothes in a way that you can access them easily. As for the rest, you can pop them in some storage bags or boxes and store them away until the weather changes. Vacuum bags are a great investment as they can shrink and compress your clothes so that they are easier to store.

Toss and charity

prepare your wardrobe for winter

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If you are going through your clothes and shoes to divide them up, you will probably come across items that will not work for you anymore. Maybe they were impulse buys or unwanted gifts that are not your style. Whatever the reason, now is the chance to get rid of them. Anything that is in good condition or is new, you could donate it to charity or sell it online. For the items that are a little worse for wear, you could put them in a clothes recycling bin or use them for crafting a quilt. However, if you have daughters, you could put them into deep storage for your girls to wear when they are older.


Before you get a bit carried away with tossing and storing things, you need to think about what events you will be attending this winter. There is a good chance that places will be open again and people can have parties. So, there is a chance that you will need a fancy dress or two for some drinks and dancing. If you know there will be a few events, try to keep your dresses handy instead of packing them away. If Angelina Jolie’s kids can wear her old dresses on the red carpet, we don’t see why you shouldn’t rock an older dress to an event too. If you can find some pieces that can update those old dresses, then now is the time to plan those outfits for going out.

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