How to do a Complete Closet Overhaul

complete closet overhaul

When you feel like you have nothing to wear when reaching inside your closet, you know it is time for a complete closet overhaul. A closet overhaul can leave you feeling positive and rejuvenated. Knowing where to start with a complete overhaul can feel overwhelming, especially if this is the first one you have done. However, with a focused approach, you can recreate a closet or wardrobe that suits you and makes you feel good every time you open it.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Before your rush into a complete overhaul, it is important to give yourself time. You need time to sort out your clothes, and even try on those pieces you have forgotten about! Trying to complete an overhaul in just a few short hours is not going to work. Ideally, you would give yourself a day at least (or ideally a weekend) to carry out this mammoth task. If you try and rush the process, you will not get the enjoyment and satisfaction you need, and you will not focus on what pieces your closet needs to make it complete.

Be Prepared to Be Brutal

There will be those items or pieces of clothing that you want to hold onto – even if you have not worn them in several seasons! However, when undertaking a total overhaul, you must be prepared to be brutal and purge where necessary. There is no point in keeping clothes or accessories that you will no longer wear, love, or enjoy. Having three separate piles when sorting is going to aid your efforts. One pile will be for goodwill, one for keep, and one for selling.

Fill Your Updated Closet with Essentials and Timeless Capsules

After you have brutally sorted through your closet, it is then time to start updating it – after all, you need clothes to wear! Filling your closet with the essentials and capsules will ensure you always have something to wear (and on all occasions). For example, in your casual capsules, you may wish to have a women’s button down shirt that can be styled comfortably with jeans. In your work wear capsule, you may wish to have a tailored suit that can be worn to the office or business meetings.

Choose Clothing That Suits You and Your Personality

When it comes to overhauling, you will find that your tastes have changed, which is fine. When you hit the stores or retailers again, always remember to purchase clothing that suits you and your personality. When you do this, you can always guarantee you will have something fabulous and suitable to wear for all occasions whether that occasion is a trip to the grocery store or a date night. If you are choosing clothes that are based on fads or trends alone, you may find that you will struggle to feel comfortable and at ease. Especially if the clothing is not suited to your body shape or the cut is unflattering.

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