How 1995NYC Combines Art With Fashion

Tired of the usual black and white aesthetic, 1995NYC sought to create a fashion brand that is composed of sturdy materials in great patterns and shapes. Seen on the likes of Leandra Medine, the influencer and founder of Man Repeller, the brand is filling a much-needed void in the industry. We chat with the founder and designer Jindan Piao and co-founder and co-designer Simin Wang about how they plan on taking the fashion world by storm.


Cliché: The colors and shapes of the collection are so bold. What does this represent to you?
1995NYC: Interesting color blocking always catches our eyes! We don’t want to be boring and always wear black and white. We want girls in our pieces to be eye-catching and unique. We designed the collection based on our figure. For example, we wanted our thighs to look slimmer, so we took advantage of visual cheats, like placing the yellow stripe on the jumpsuit.

Who does 1995NYC represent?
Girls like Kiko Mizuhara, Eddie Sedgwick, and our favorite fashion influencer, Leandra Medine. They are totally effortless and cool.

How has your experiences at FIT and being in New York City influenced your line?
FIT gave us the opportunity to reach Leandra Medine. And New York City is a great place for us to get inspiration. There are so many talented artists, interesting people, and wonderful opportunities. We love people in New York. They are open-minded and dream big! We never felt as alive when living in New York.

What piece speaks the loudest to you?
We think it must be that jumpsuit, which Leandra wore before.

Who do you wish will invest in these pieces?
Absolutely Leandra, no less!


What is your inspiration?
Actually, it is hard to say what our inspiration is. Our inspiration comes from everywhere, maybe some nicely dressed person on the street or some art in a gallery. Most of the time, our designs just come up before we fall asleep.

How do you envision the future of 1995NYC?
For the future, we want to work with talented artists and collaborate together. We want people to see the value of art and appreciate the real artist. Our main idea for this brand is playful and fun, and we would be 100% willing to support art projects if we can.

What is in store for the next collection?
T-shirts, yellow pleated pants, some shirts, and our summer knitwear are all ready for sale.

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Photographs courtesy of ©1995NYC

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