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Fashion Elites LOVE Luxury Wooden Hangers. Why? Let Us Count the Ways

Fashion Elites LOVE Luxury Wooden Hangers. Why? Let Us Count the Ways

Did you know that fashion elites LOVE luxury wooden hangers? Let’s say you spot a high-end clothing store while walking down a city street. You love the beautiful clothes on the mannequin in the window, so you decide to go inside. You push open the door, take in the smell, and then look at the garments – and you’re shocked. They’re all hung on plastic hangers. Not only is the shop’s vibe ruined, but the clothes suddenly look cheap and poorly made, too.

Hangers make an aesthetic difference. If you went into a designer boutique that used plastic or wire hangers, your experience would be instantly downgraded. So, why do you use hangers like these for your personal wardrobe?

You can elevate the entire preparation ritual every morning by replacing your cheap options with luxury wooden hangers. Here, we’ll talk about how upscale hangers can improve your closet space, extend the life of your clothes, and help you embrace the clothing care secrets fashion elites already embrace!

Contributing to Sustainability

luxury wooden hangersMany luxury fashion brands and consumers want to contribute to environmental sustainability. But if you’re still using plastic hangers, you are contributing to the plastic problem, unfortunately. Every year, more than 20 billion plastic hangers find their way into landfills. This problem will only worsen if consumers continue to purchase plastic hangers, which are easily bent or broken.

Instead, you can buy more expensive wooden hangers once, and rest assured knowing they will last for a lifetime.

Maintaining the Quality of Your Luxury Garments

Luxury retailers don’t use plastic or metal hangers for garments because these materials simply do not support well-made clothing. The best hangers mimic the shape of the human form, something that lightweight plastic or metal simply can’t do. Only luxury wooden hangers are made from a heavier material and crafted to replicate the form of a person’s shoulders.

The real problem with lightweight hangers is that they won’t support your sturdier garments. Specifically, if you hang a blazer with shoulder pads on a plastic hanger, the unsupported garment’s fabric will start to warp or buckle. Alternatively, if you hang your delicate fabrics on a plastic or metal hanger, they will likely become creased, essentially ruining the garment. Who wants two-point edges in the arms of their favorite dress? Metal hangers are even more of a problem, as they can pull or rip fabrics with their sharp edges.

Creating a High-End Look in Your Closet

If you accumulate a high-end wardrobe with many beautiful pieces, you want your closet to follow suit. Your fine clothing doesn’t belong on mismatched plastic hangers in garish colors. Don’t you want to enjoy looking at your aesthetically-pleasing wardrobe each morning?

“The easiest thing you can do to give your closet an organized look is to have just one type and color of hanger. If you like wood, use that throughout. If you prefer velvet, pick your color and buy 100 of them and get started on swapping out those [other] hangers,” said organizing expert Naeemah Ford Goldson for

Though velvet hangers are options if you have a small closet, these hangers will only support lightweight garments, like blouses or camisoles. So, if you want to create a uniform wardrobe, only wooden hangers give you a range of options weighty enough to support heavier garments like coats and blazers.

Choosing Butler Luxury Wooden Hangers

luxury wooden hangersIf you’re ready to collect luxury wooden hangers, remember, not all hangers are created equal.

“To date, I have not seen a better suit hanger on the market, and hence I consider it to be the best suit and jacket hanger available today. Is it perfect for everything? No…However, if you want a functional, beautifully crafted, and impressive clothes hanger for your suit investments, look no further than the new Butler Luxury Clothes Hangers,” wrote Sven Raphael Schneider for Gentleman’s Gazette.

Some of the most significant benefits of Butler luxury wooden hangers:

  • They are sturdy enough to last for years.
  • They will maintain the shape and fabric of your high-end garments.
  • They add to the sophistication of any closet. Most of Butler’s hangers come in three varieties:
    • Dark Matte Walnut Espresso finish with matte chrome hardware.
    • Deep Butterscotch finish with brass hardware.
    • Whitewash with matte chrome hardware.
  • Different hanger types mean that you can choose the perfect variety for each garment you own while maintaining unity in your closet.

Blue dress shirts on wooden hangersIt’s crucial to find the right hanger for every type of garment. Luckily, you can with Butler’s different types of wooden hangers, including:

  • Coat hangers. Butler Luxury’s coat hangers are our standout product. If you hang heavier garments like suit jackets or coats on a flimsy hanger, their shoulders will soon start to warp or crease. Our coat hangers are sturdy with flared edges that maintain garments’ precise shoulders.
  • Trouser hangers. Depending on your size, our trouser hangers come in 13.5- or 17-inch sizes. They’ll look great in your closet, regardless of the finish you choose. The most significant benefit of the trouser hanger is that it has a felted trouser bar that beats any other pants hangers. Even if they are made from Merino wool, your trousers won’t slip off and fall to the floor.
  • Dress hangers. If you’re looking for a dress hanger, it’s essential to consider the shape of your garments’ shoulders. If it is a sleeveless style, you could choose a shirt hanger with notches to hold its thin straps. If you’re hanging a dress with severe shoulders, choose a coat hanger with a thickness that mimics the shape of a person’s shoulders.
  • Luxury suit hanger. The ideal suit hanger has two components: a sturdy, thick top for suit jackets or blazers and either a felt trouser bar or clips for skirts. Butler’s options have both. You can either choose a trouser bar option or a clip option. Our smooth European-style clips ensure that your skirt or pants won’t be dented when you want to wear them.
  • Skirt hangers. Our skirt hanger offers the same no-crease solution without the blazer hanger on top if you have a dress to hang.
  • Shirt hangers. Our shirt hangers come in two options: with or without notches.
  • No matter the style of shirt you own, you can maintain closet consistency with one of these choices.

Choosing the right clothing hanger is an integral part of creating a luxury experience in your wardrobe. Start building your hanger collection with THE trusted name in luxury hangers – Butler Luxury.

Butler Luxury is a luxury design manufacturer with headquarters in New York City. We function across the entire globe, making sure that luxury is achievable no matter where you are. From premier clothing designers and tailors to high-end hotels and boutiques, Butler Luxury hangers come first in the minds of discerning buyers. Here at Butler Luxury, we want to help you provide a superior standard of care for your clothing. How? By allowing it to maintain its greatest potential – while also looking fabulous on your shelves!

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