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Long Distance Relationship? Here’s How to Make Your Partner Feel Like a Priority

Long Distance Relationship? Here’s How to Make Your Partner Feel Like a Priority

Are you in a long distance relationship? Here’s how to make your partner feel like a priority. If you are currently in a long-distance relationship, you will know just how difficult it is. Even with today’s advancements in technology, it’s difficult not having the person you love nearby whenever you need them. Making things harder is the ever-looming threat of additional lockdowns, making the possibility for a far greater number of us to be suddenly put into long-distance relationships, whether we like it or not.

So, if you are looking for gifts this year, it would be best to appeal to that need to be close, and make the distance seem a little easier with the gifts you choose. But which ones should that be? Read on to find our top picks for making your long-distance relationships easier with your gifts.

A gift that makes communication easier

long distance relationshipThe great thing about living in the digital age is that it has revolutionized communication. There are no longer love letters written in loving cursive on tear-stained parchment and sent by carrier pigeon, although it never hurts to get traditional once in a while, but instead we can video call from anywhere in the globe, able to communicate face to face.

But that can always be improved upon. Talking from your phone isn’t great for leaving your hands free, making date nights very awkward. How are you going to eat your dinner, or play your guitar without your hands? There also isn’t a great picture on your phone, with the slightest dip in the internet quality causing pixels to take over your already tiny screen.

Consider buying your partner smart display appliance like the Google Nest Hub. You will get a smart assistant with a screen, allowing you to ask it to call your partner and see their face appear on the screen.

A gift that feels personal to your relationship

But the best gifts are something personal to you and your partner. As much as we are taking more and more photos right now, less and less of them are getting printed, missing out on a major part of the point of photographs: sharing memories.

long distance relationship

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Photos posted on Instagram will be “liked” and then swiped past and forgotten, whereas a photo album will be pulled out whenever you need a nostalgic boost and will allow you to reminisce about the days passed.

If you go online, you can print Google photo albums and keep them forever. They can be filled with all the photos kept in your Google Photos account, and your best pics will finally be appreciated in a totally new light.

A gift that makes the days or nights easier

And then there are the little things. There are a lot of innovative ways to keep your partner from missing you too much while you are gone. The most creative being a body pillow. Throw a t-shirt that smells of you on it and you’ve got a decent stand in during the long nights.

Or you can ask them what they miss most about you, and if they say your foot massages, get them an at-home foot massager. If they say your music, make them a Spotify playlist. Sometimes the little things mean the most. 

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