Essential Handbags and Purses All Stylish Women Should Own

Handbags and purses are some of the most versatile fashion pieces but no two purses are the same.  Before you dig into the essential types of handbags you should own, click here to check what quality Italian leather handbags are all about.  Did you know that the average woman owns 11 handbags  but how many are purses she uses once and never again? Which bags does she pulls out again and again?  Read on for the ultimate list of the different types of handbags that are worth having in your closet.

The Cross Body

The best everyday purse is certainly the cross body. It leaves your hands free to push strollers and grocery carts, travel through public transit, make your coffee and do anything else that requires the use of both hands without any impediments.   The cross body is one of the best no-nonsense types of bags because it is so functional.

It’s extremely comfortable to wear because it spreads the weight of your bag evenly across your body. You avoid the strain and fatigue of carrying a purse always on the same shoulder.  Typically, cross body bags are small and sit flat against your body. Yet they are surprisingly roomy. You can often find several inner and outer pockets to keep your things organized.  Choose one in a playful hue for spring and summer and a neutral shade for the cooler months. This will ensure you have a purse that can keep up with your hectic life.

The Bucket Bag

The bucket bag was invented by Louis Vuitton in 1932 as a way to transport champagne. Yet the uses are so vast they go well beyond alcoholic beverages.  These types of bags can be both large and small. They have a flat sturdy bottom that helps them stand up on their own. The top is slouchy and closes with a drawstring.  You can choose to cart your bucket bag to work. You’ll easily fit your laptop or tablet, files, and your lunch.

It’s also a great everyday bag for going to the gym, doing errands and meeting friends for lunch.   See here for bucket bags that are both large and small.

The Evening Clutch

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One of the best handbag styles that never go out of fashion is a clutch. It’s timeless, it’s elegant, and it’s sleek.  Best of all, an evening clutch is one of the most versatile types of purses on the market. You can invest in a good quality clutch knowing that you will use it again and again for years to come.   A black satin or metallic silver or gold clutch can go with you to any evening out. For a little extra oomph, choose a clutch with a bejeweled clasp.

What goes inside your clutch? Add a few items to help you touch up your makeup, a pack of gum or mints, your cash, ID, and credit card. Of course, your phone and keys can fit inside, too.  Don’t bother loading your entire wallet in these types of purses. Just take out the cards you need and throw them inside. The compartments are small enough that you won’t have trouble finding what you need inside.


The Weekender

If you like purse styles that prefer to go big rather than go home, say hello to the weekender!  Aptly named, the weekender is all you need for a weekend away. These purses have round bodies and two top handles. The interior is roomy enough to fit it all.  But you don’t have to wait until your next getaway to enjoy the weekender. These types of bags work super as gym bags, carry-on luggage, and even diaper bags.  If less is not more in your books, the weekender has you covered.  Go ahead and throw in a paperback novel or two, a snack and your water bottle. There’s plenty of room.

The Backpack Purse

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The backpack purse, like the crossbody, is heaven sent. It lets you have full mobility and free arms and hands for whatever.  Unlike a big, bulky backpack, the backpack purse is smaller and can be as cute or as classic as you like. There are dozens of styles and types to choose from.  It’s perfect for accompanying your kids on their school field trip and for hitting the trails on the weekend.

The Wristlet

The wristlet is a small purse that looks like an envelope. Often, the wrist strap is removable so that your purse transforms into a clutch.  You can’t fit much in here: a lipstick, your phone (maybe) and a couple of bills. But the look is darling and these aren’t expensive.  These types of purses can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. Choose a neutral shade to match whatever you’re wearing. 

The Tote Bag

The tote bag is a simple rectangular handbag that is sometimes called the shopper.  Retail stores often sell totes with their logos.  The open top is the essential characteristic of this type of purse. You can easily reach in and grab whatever you need. Usually, totes have short handles so that the bag sits snug on your shoulder.  It’s the perfect bag to take to the beach or to the farmer’s market.

The Foldover Purse

The foldover purse is a type of purse that is ultra contemporary. You can wear it one of two ways: with the top folded over or not.  When folded over, the purse looks like a messenger bag. It’s compact and often has a crossbody strap.  You can also unfold the top and wear the bag like a long tote.  The best thing about this bag is that you get two looks for the price of one purse.

Bottom Line on Types of Handbags

There you have it! The ultimate guide to the various types of handbags for every occasion.  One of the best ways to spice up your outfit is to add accessories like jewelry and the perfect purse.  Make sure you look like a million bucks this Spring by reading these 8 tips for healthy hair.

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