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Discussing Music and Fashion with B-XLEVEN

Art came naturally to B-XLEVEN. “No one taught me art and I never learned art,” he says. “Art was something in me which I found when I was in grade school. I started doodling random stuff and it turned out to be masterpieces.” His creativity can be found through multiple mediums. Anything is art with the right viewpoint! “I take art very seriously because whatever I do is art. If I make music, it’s art. If I design something, it’s art as well, so in my perspective everything I do is art and I enjoy the process.” He has always felt at home with music. “Music was something that I grew up with. So many genres and so many styles, tunes and beats from all around the world inspired me, so I wanted to express my style and genres through music. That’s how I started producing music.” He gravitates the most towards the electronic genre. Much of his musical path can be attributed to these artists. “There’s some kind of connection and vibe with Techno/Electronic music naturally in me. There were a lot of techno and electronic artists whose music inspired me and had a deep impact on my music production scene.”  He already has a few notable songs. “I love all my tracks, but there are some recent special tracks like ‘Super Natural,’ ‘Divine Dimension,’ and ‘Akin’ where I started off randomly and ended up with a heavy masterpiece naturally.”

B-XLEVEN is also highly moved by fashion. His personal style means a lot to him and he wants to use that eye to help others feel good. “Fashion has a deep impact as I used to customize my wear and accessories. I used to create my own style to look a part and have created and sold custom pieces to my clients and customers like men’s suits.” Nothing is overly flashy for him. It’s all about making a statement. “I get inspired by everything that’s exotic. I like to be materialistic in nature and I’m attracted to eye-catching stuff. That’s how I design my products that makes heads turn.” Our outfits all tell a story about who we are. B-XLEVEN wants to add pages to that story. “I think you are what you wear. Style always has a cool story behind it, as it is selected by their taste and appearance. Everyone’s style is unique I believe, as they have their own favorites in color or material and shades. I don’t usually judge people on what they wear, but I always have an exotic mindset where I can transform anyone with my Design and wear to look top-notch, unique and exotic.” He is humble about his beginnings, but confident in his abilities. “I started off my career on my own with a small scale business. With the right people and collaborations, I will expand my business and explore more opportunities put in front of me. When it comes to art, music, and design, I create and customize anything and everything according to my taste and style. People love it and have asked me to make them customwear.” The best part of creating is bringing other people joy.

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Discussing Music and Fashion with B-XLEVEN. Photo Credit: Courtesy of B-XLEVEN.

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