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Tips for Buying Plus Size Clothing on a Budget

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Today we want to share a few tips for buying plus size clothing on a budget. While a select percentage of people have the funds available to spend as much as they’d like on fashion every year, money is an object for most of us mere mortals, and we have to allocate dollars wisely. In this situation, it’s helpful to know some ways to buy on a budget.

This is particularly the case for women who wear plus-size clothing, as the options, while growing these days, can still be more limited than in other sizes. Here are some tips for how you can update your wardrobe more effectively on a budget.

Plan Ahead

One common way many ladies blow their budget is by making impulse purchases when at the shops. If you’re like most women, you have at least a few things in your wardrobe or that you’ve given away that you regret spending money on. You can stick to your budget more easily, though, if you plan ahead.

Think about the items you know you need to purchase because previous goods have worn out, become damaged, don’t fit, or otherwise don’t work for you any longer. Put these items on your list. You might also know that you need to find a certain color top to go with a skirt you love but currently can’t match with, say, or that you want to get in on a particular fashion trend.

Be clear and purposeful with your browsing and buying so you don’t end up spending money on the things you don’t need while missing out on the goods you do require.

Shop Online

buying plus size clothing on a budget

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A great way to find affordable plus-size clothing is by shopping online. Brick-and-mortar stores often have more limited inventory because they’re bound by the physical storefront size they have to work with. Online stores, though, can pull inventory from numerous warehouses and other locations, especially when set up to dropship. They’re also not as bound by physical limits.

This means that eCommerce shops can offer a wide variety of sizes and styles for shoppers to choose between. Also, note that many retailers with brick-and-mortar storefronts and online facilities keep expanded ranges online. Many carry up to 3XL or size 30 if you need it. 

Just ensure if buying online that you always check sizing charts to help you get the right fit the first time around. It’s also essential to learn about each firm’s returns policy and if any charges come into play to send items back. You don’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t fit you or give you the look you were going for.

Buy Off-Season

Another tip is to be open to buying off-season rather than whatever is hot and on-trend right now. If you can wait a few months (or sometimes only a few weeks), you can pick up the same clothing at a fraction of the price when it goes on sale. Stock up on wardrobe essentials such as jackets, pants, tops, dresses, bags, shoes, and the like for a significant discount, and you may find that you get a whole shopping bag full of goods for the same amount as you’d have spent on one item during the height of the season.

Note that retail stores generally start introducing stock for the next season six to eight weeks before its start. As such, go shopping when you calculate these periods to snap up some bargains.

Sign Up to Brand Newsletters and Loyalty Programs

buying plus size clothing on a budget

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If you do want to buy current new season items, save yourself some money by being a loyal and knowledgeable consumer. Sign up for retailer newsletters so you get notified of limited-time offers that can help you save money. Also, join loyalty programs so you can earn points for the transactions you complete and get discounted goods, free shipping or tailoring, and the like.

Try Discount Outlets, Op Shops, and Rental Services

Why not start spending time browsing discount outlets and op shops? These spots can be great places to pick up interesting plus sized clothing at a low price. The clothing may not be the latest, but you can buy multiple items at once for much less money with the money you save.

Furthermore, consider trying out a rental service, where you rent fashionable clothing from businesses for a set period. This service gives you access to the latest products from top brands for a small amount so you can enjoy the novelty of having new pieces to wear but don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying things all the time.

As you can see, there are multiple steps you can take to find yourself plus-size clothing without having to outlay a fortune. Keep these tips in mind as you set your budget and goals for the new year.

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