5 Classic Pieces that Fit the Modern Fashion Era

5 Classic Pieces that Fit the Modern Fashion EraI love fashion and although I can stop myself from buying into every trend going on at the moment, I do nevertheless enjoy playing with my style through new trends. This being said, there is nothing like a classic fashion piece – one that you can look back on 10 or 15 years from now and love what you see rather than smack yourself in the head and ask why you ever thought you could pull off such a trend.

There are a number of classic pieces that we should all invest in, like the little black dress and the trench coat, a tailored black jacket and the perfect white blouse. Then there are other classic fashion pieces, lesser known ones that complement the current trends well and stand to look incredible when worn by themselves. I wanted to celebrate some of these pieces today to shed light on them and to help you set yourself apart from the crowd by rocking pieces that have been around long before you were born.

Romantic Crochet, Lace and Macramé

5 Classic Pieces that Fit the Modern Fashion Era2We should all have a couple of statement pieces in our wardrobe to bring boldness to our basics and nothing says bold like romantic crochet, lace and macramé. Whether you go for a lace dress, a knit with Macramé details, or a crochet bag, these woven fabrics bring that rich, couture-like style to any look.


This heavy looking material with its rough looking exterior and soft interior is perfect to bring edge to your style. From short suede dresses to toughen up the romantic dress, to suede jackets to take a break from that overused leather jacket, suede is a delicate fabric that stands the test of time both in quality and in style.

Fringes and Tassels

modern fashion photo Whether it is western chic you want to channel as seen in the Chanel runway show or you want to tap into your inner flapper, fringes and tassels are classic fashion details that bring the fun element to any outfit. These days, fringes and tassels are being shown the spotlight again on the runway and on the streets so from bags to dresses, the options to play with these classic pieces are vast.

High-waisted designs

The high-waist may have had a bad reputation for a while as an unflattering one worn by our mothers but when worn right, high-waisted designs can look incredible and bring timeless elegance to the table. Take the time to see which high-waisted designs fit you best – whether it is a dress, a pair of trousers or a midi skirt and pair the design with something utterly modern for a look that is vintage inspired but not old looking.

Midi and Maxi Lengths

No matter if prints are on trend or not and regardless of the season, midi and maxi lengths will always be in style. From airy, midi pleated skirts to wear with knitwear, to bold maxi dresses like these beautiful Camilla dresses worn for that boat party, these lengths are flattering for every body type.

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