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How to Make Extra Cash Selling Your Clothes: 4 Top Tips

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Today we want to share tips on how to make extra cash selling your clothes. Over the past few years, the push for sustainability matched up with the push to start side hustles and thus, the thrift store revolution began. With fast fashion quickly taking over landfills and people becoming more aware of the effects of their consumption, opting for second-hand clothing has become more and more popular and normalised.

Having a pile of unworn clothing in your closet finally puts you at an advantage. Of course, you could donate what you no longer need, but if you need a little extra cash, you could start selling your clothing online. Here are a few tips you need to know to get started.

What You’ll Need

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First of all, there are a few things you’ll need. Naturally, clothing that people will actually want to buy is a prerequisite. If all you’re hoarding is stained sweatpants and T-shirts from when you were in middle school, you probably won’t hit the market with a bang.

On top of the clothing, you’ll also need a Reliable Courier Service to use for deliveries, a camera or decent smartphone (and ideally, a photographer), and a nice background with good lighting to get pictures of what you’re selling.

Where to Sell

There are loads of different websites and platforms you can use to sell your clothes online. Some of the most popular are Depop, ThredUP and Poshmark, but you don’t need to be restricted to these specific platforms.

Facebook Marketplace is a great option and many people create Instagram pages specifically for their online thrift stores. You could even use TikTok to promote your clothing by creating short videos of you (or a friend) modelling the outfits you’re selling. This is an engaging and interactive idea for potential buyers.

How to Advertise

Of course, limiting yourself to one platform will limit your reach. If you’re serious about getting your name out there, you might want to promote your links on other social media platforms too.

For example, if you have an account on Poshmark, share your link on your Instagram account, on Facebook groups that target the type of people who might be interested, and even by asking your friends and family to share your links with people they know.

Expand Your Business

Once you really get the hang of it and start making sales quickly, you might run into the problem of running out of clothing to sell. If your business is going well, you might consider expanding by taking on other people’s second-hand clothes as well.

Many people have clothes they’d like to sell, but they don’t have the time or know-how to do it themselves. You could offer to do the dirty work for them, get their items sold and take commission for yourself on a portion of the sale.

Final Thoughts

Selling your clothes will free up space in your closet for new items, but don’t forget to continue the cycle by shopping for second-hand items before you head to your nearest mall and blow all your money on fast fashion.

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