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TikTok for Business: Ways to Promote

tiktok for business

TikTok has become the most popular online resource in the world in 2021, displacing Google into second place. And this means that there is a huge concentration of potential customers on the platform, among which any business can find its own if it makes an effort.

Until recently, advertisers were skeptical about the social network and believed that most of the audience was insolvent. What now? Almost all major brands have created their own accounts, post videos, come up with trends and launch targeting, and this brings great results. If you still underestimate TikTok, then we advise you to take a closer look at it and not miss the opportunity to reap the benefits.

Now that we have found out that the platform has great potential and opportunities, let’s figure out what effective ways to promote exist. Now you will learn how you can promote your account without having to buy TikTok followers.

Targeted advertising

TikTok finally has targeted ads in 2020. Today, there are three promotion formats on the social network:

Full screen banner at the entrance, video up to 60 seconds. This is the largest format. 71% of users say it grabs their attention (according to the platform). Such advertising has a good effect on brand awareness;

Full screen advertising banner at the entrance: picture for 3 seconds or GIF for 3-5 seconds. The ad can be linked to a brand landing page or a hashtag challenge. Takeovers change daily and are exclusive to each category. One brand can only take on one category per day. This format is great for maximum coverage;

Video ads in the feed. Often, it is presented in the format of native videos that appear in the feed along with regular content. Such videos sometimes look so natural that a person does not immediately realize that he has an advertisement in front of him. In-Feed Ads does a good job of generating attention and calling to action as it has a CTA section that you can use to redirect to a website or hashtag challenge.

Even if you use only these methods, it will be much easier for you to promote your account. In this case, you will not necessarily buy followers on TikTok, although this is still one of the most effective ways.

Agent accounts

Agent accounts are official TikTok partner profiles. They have privileges over regular ad accounts. This is not a separate promotion tool, but a way to effectively launch your targeted advertising, without draining the budget, unexpected blockages and wasting your nerves.

Each agency has its own conditions, usually it is replenishment of the minimum balance and a percentage of your advertising budget (the rate is determined individually).

There are also requirements for the advertising itself and the product: they must not violate the rules of the site, for example, you cannot advertise gambling, sell animals, and conduct political advertising. More information about the rules can be found on the official website.


Like Instagram, TikTok has influencers. They create content with a certain style and features, each has its own unique audience. Many big brands actively partner with TikTok influencers and get good results: increase awareness, sales, downloads, and so on. The main thing is to choose a blogger with a suitable audience for you. The brand should look organic in the content, fit in style and idea. For example, an influencer with aesthetic videos will successfully promote beauty products, scented candles, and beautiful jewelry.

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