My Celebrity & I at Africa-Malaysia Fashion Show

In honor of Africa-Malaysia International Fashion Show, which is going to be as exotic and beautiful as it sounds, we’re gathering some of the hottest sponsors who will be covering the event. This event will not only celebrate African-inspired and vibrant fashion trends, but it will also raise global awareness of emerging designers. Luckily, the folks at My Celebrity & I are gearing up for the event as we speak, and are looking forward to the glittering showcase! By Nelly Martinez

Cliché: What is My Celebrity & I looking most forward to the most about the AM Fashion Show?
My Celebrity & I: We are actually looking forward to a successful show and hopefully it will spread all over the world. It’s a brilliant idea and I’m hoping it will be welcomed and appreciated.

How is My Celebrity & I involved in the fashion show?  
My Celebrity & I basically is a media partner and we are hoping to establish a successful working relationship with AM Fashion Week.

Any predictions for the fashion show?
I’m sure it’s going to be fun because they are going to be showcasing a whole lot of trends.

Which designers do you believe we should keep our eyes out for?
None in particular; I believe they are all fantastic designers and they will be thrilling us with amazing designs.

Do you have any hopes for the AM Fashion Show?
All I see is a successful event because a lot of effort has been put into this.

My Celebrity & I at Africa-Malaysia Fashion Show: Photographed by Edmond D’Karchy

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