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The Ultimate Guide on how to Afford Designer Clothes

Today’s the perfect day to check out our ultimate guide on how to afford designer clothes.  Do you have a taste for the finer things in life when it comes to your wardrobe but don’t want to break the bank?  Are you constantly inspired by the runway, drooling over the ads in Vogue, but thinking there’s no way you can afford all the things that the most famous supermodels are showcasing?

For those who love the elegance, popularity and style of designer clothing, it might be difficult not to pull out the credit card for all of the summer ending sales going on these days.  Not to worry though, designer clothes don’t have to be limited to the rich and famous or the super-wealthy.  Let’s look at how you can afford designer clothes, so you can feel and look your best all year round.

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Borrow the Brands You Love

Do you have a special event coming up, and you want to be the belle of the ball without spending a fortune on that designer dress you’ve been eyeing?  Did you know that you can borrow designer clothing at super reasonable costs?  This is a great option when you have a special event coming up, and you need something formal or unique that you’ll only wear once. Why spend a ton of money on something that will spend most of its time hanging in your closet, when you can just borrow something, wear it once, and return it?

Sites like Rent the Runway allow you to borrow designer clothing and accessories for a reasonable monthly price. There are multiple plans to choose from, and so many styles, the possibilities are endless.  As a member, you can get free shipping, dry cleaning, and discounts on some of your favorite styles. This idea is great for someone who loves the idea of an ever-revolving closet and wardrobe.

Can’t Go Wrong with Closeouts

how to afford designer clothes

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Ever wonder what happens to leftover clothing when it goes out of season?  Brands send these items to closeout sites and stores. While you may have to dig for the brands you love, it could save you tons of money on designer clothing. Sites and physical stores such as Nordstrom Rack get in tons of designer clothing, sometimes at about half the cost! These are items that are no longer available through the original retailer, so it’s a great idea for an easy way to get unique pieces that not everybody has.

Shop for Sales out of Season

Why would I want to buy designer clothing that has been heavily discounted?  It may seem like final sale items that heavily discounted are the leftover pieces that no one wanted or that weren’t stylish enough but in actuality, most of these discounts are just out of season pieces. This is where shopping out of season comes in. You may be shivering in January, with swimsuit shopping way out of mind, or sweating in June and not even thinking about winter coats or sweaters but buying things out of season is how to get the best bang for your buck.

Retailers often put their out of season clothing on the final sale section of their site or store. These items can be discounted up to 50% off or even more.  By keeping in mind how to buy out of season you can save tons of money. Just be aware of buying products that are timeless, or items that you think will still be fashionable next season.

Store the piece in your closet and take them out when the appropriate season comes around, it will be like you just went shopping and have a brand new item!  Be wary of final sale policies, as many brands will make these items non-returnable. It’s best to shop final sale on accessories online, as you don’t have to worry about fit.  For fashion pieces, head to the physical store sale rack, and make sure the fit is perfect, and that you love the item before purchasing, as you will be stuck with it.

Buy Used Designer Clothes

how to afford designer clothes

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A great way to buy designer clothing is to buy used.  Apps like Poshmark create a whole community of fashionistas selling their lightly used clothing at a fraction of the price. Do you have specific brands you love? Simply search the brand on the site, and all the options of people selling that brand will appear. You can communicate and bargain with the seller through the site, and they will ship anything you buy directly to your door.  It’s also a great idea if you have things you don’t wear anymore and want to sell. It offers a great way to make money on items you no longer use! 

Shopaholic? Quick Loans Can Help

Already dig yourself a hole spending too much money on designer clothes before learning about the tips above? Sometimes, the scary amounts of debt from spending money on clothing can be real and difficult.  If you’re in a sticky situation with money and have spent too much on your expensive tastes, there are quick loans for that. The site linked is super helpful when you’re in a pinch with money. There are tons of resources, and options that can help you with your money problems!

Don’t Sacrifice Your Style

We know how frustrating it can be to love designer clothes but feel like you might not have the budget for it.  While it’s important to be smart with your money, as we’ve learned through this article, there are so many ways that you can still enjoy your expensive taste without the price. So, happy shopping, and don’t forget these useful tips that can save you hundreds of dollars!

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