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How Bikini Fashion is Changing in 2022

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Today we want to tell you how bikini fashion is changing in 2022. The days are starting to get longer, which means swimsuit season is almost upon us. As COVID-19 restrictions have significantly relaxed in recent months, it’s time to heed the calls of the sand and sea. The anticipation of the sizzling months ahead comes with the launch of new bikini styles that women can comfortably and confidently wear. From sleek cuts to sultry silhouettes, let’s take a look at bikini trends that are forecasted to make a splash this 2022.

Vintage one-piece swimsuits

Vintage cuts are indeed recycled trends, but the classic aesthetic of such pieces will never go out of style. One-piece suits are forever staples in every woman’s beach bag. Solid colors and clean lines characterize vintage cuts. A vintage bikini flatters all shapes and sizes like the little black dress, and since it features solid or block colors, it’s fun to pair it with just about any type of accessory. You can personalize your style simply by putting on your favourite accessories. Don’t forget to prep your skin before you hit the beach with your one-piece swimsuit.

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Simple bikinis

Similar to the irresistible appeal of vintage one-piece swimsuits, bikinis with simple or minimal embellishments are expected to become one of the hottest swimwear trends. The use of colors and clean lines are meant to accentuate women’s natural curves beautifully. Choose a simple bikini in your favourite shade, and you are to turn heads at the poolside or beach.

Bold prints

bikini fashionWhile swimsuits with classic designs will prevail as one of the top trends in 2022, it is not the only one. You only live once, and the pandemic has somehow made us more courageous in trying out new things. If you want to get out of your comfort zone, consider wearing bikinis with vibrant colors and bold designs. Tiger prints matched with bright hues will make you stand out even on crowded beaches.

Terry bandeau bikinis

The perfect bikini for you is a piece that strikes the ideal balance between form and function. While swimsuits aren’t exactly known for their coverage, the use of certain textured fabrics is known to enhance the comfortability and overall performance of swimwear. A terry bandeau bikini inspires enhanced mobility without having to worry that it might easily slip once you get in the water. The construction and design of terry bandeau bikinis are also versatile as they can make any wearer look effortlessly stunning.


The forecasted bikini fashion trends listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more swimsuits and bikini trends to watch out for in the following months. When growing your swimsuit collection this 2022, make sure to find pieces that reflect your tastes without compromising your comfort.

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