Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2015

Photo courtesy of thefashionspot.comPhoto courtesy of thefashionspot.comMy second day, also the coldest day, of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started with the Carmen Marc Valvo Collection. Held in the Theater at Lincoln Center, I spotted a few familiar faces including Alec Baldwin, his wife Hilaria, Tim Gunn, and Katie Couric. I read the pamphlet before the show that had a description of all the looks. The first page had a poem that began with the line, “Lasses and lads In tartan plaids,” instantly making me think of a Catholic school uniform.
As the show began, out walked models in chic plaid prints with black bottoms. To add a little touch to the school charm, some models even wore black round-eyed glasses. Worn with a long skirt, a black silk blouse with completely sheer sleeves and back was sexy, yet sophisticated as it was buttoned up to the collar. A black leather oversized cardigan added a rock ’n’ roll flavor to a plaid skirt. The male models had a nerdy school boy vibe in their suspenders and plaid cardigans. The flannel suits and black tuxedos were a dapper look for any gentleman.
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Now, on to my two favorites: furs and gowns. I adore wearing gowns and all the other parts that are needed to complete the look from hairstyle and jewelry, to shoes and a clutch. To me, gowns are wonderful and elegant works of art that represent the power and beauty of women. My favorite gown was the persimmon pewter plaid illusion gown; it was one of those “I gotta have it!” pieces. The garment was long-sleeved, but had long slits that I’ve never seen executed so beautifully before. Valvo knows how to make women feel incredible because he understands that beauty doesn’t have to always be tight and short. It can be feminine and sexy by showing skin in just the right places without overdoing it. I also love fur, but feel guilty wearing it sometimes, so I try to stick to faux. Nonetheless, Valvo used several embroidered fur combinations in his collection that were brilliant. My favorite was a grey mink coat with red argyle detailing, the model even wore a matching scarf.
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