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Autumn Fashion Trends Start With the Sweatshirt

Autumn fashion trends start with the sweatshirt, with or without hoods.  This is surely a winning bet like using because sweatshirts are not only trendy but a true VIP of  street style fashion and always a safe choice for women. What about the different styles and combinations? We are going to give you some great ideas on how to be really urban chic this fall.

autumn fashion trends start with the sweatshirt

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The long tulle skirt with the sweatshirt is a forbidden outfit of many, thus very few really know how to match it with the correct look.  To avoid a fashion disaster it’s best to select colors that work in harmony with each other. The top of the sweatshirt must have the same color as the tutu skirt.  Then we add accessories in tune with a sweatshirt-oriented streetwear style.

autumn fashion trends start with the sweatshirt

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If the sweatshirt is oversized, a long skirt would look great. The curtain effect doesn’t suit anyone at all, this we know to be true. To create a stunning outfit with oversized sweatshirts, we should combine long skirts in ultra-feminine and glamorous fabrics, such as silk and satin and thousand veil layers.

The classic combination of a white sweatshirt and black utility pants is a masterpiece street style combo, but so obvious and so familiar that it’s going to be transparent.  We can use the hip hugging and tummy flattening effects of high waisted denim jeans and special cargo trousers to revitalize the classic white crew-neck sweatshirt. Then we add a pair of heels and we are set.

Do you want to make a bolder fashion statement? What about a sweatshirt blazer? Super trendy, but try and choose a classic look, like the windowed blazer or try using a combo blazer and sweatshirt with fluorescent colors and white boots.  You could even try wearing a gray sweatshirt.  Don’t wear the sweatshirt, but simply tie it around your waist for an urban cool outfit that matches with your sneakers or combat booties.

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We know that autumn fashion trends start with the sweatshirt but why is the sweatshirt all of a sudden trendy again? Is it because of  celebrities that rock sweatshirts in current movies or the average fashionista who rock sweatshirts and post to Instagram or street style blogs? Whatever the exact cause is, one thing we know is that millennial’s continue to impose a certain nostalgia on clothing trends. The 90s are an inexhaustible source of fashion trends.  Especially when it comes to fall fashion trends.

It may be that sense of uncertainty about the future, the socio-cultural period we are living in but this generation is very melancholic and inclined to embrace past fashion trends where styles were much simpler.  It could also be that the Millennial’s are simply the first generation take new ideas, fashion trends and memes to push the boundaries on fashion styles to see what might be possible and accepted.

We see the same thing taking place in Hollywood with reboots, sequels and prequels of older films and TV series from the end of the last millennium. It seems inevitable, then, that the same types of trends would marry with fashion, guilty of making this return to the past so immediate, accessible and wearable.  We definitely see the trend of sporting sweatshirts which can be seen on mannequins in shops and catwalks giving us those fall like feelings of warmth, comfort and being fashionable.

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