Assert Yourself with Lord Logan

Every woman wants to be fierce, confident, and fashionable as soon as she enters a room, right? There’s no better feeling than knowing that even if things seem all over the place, you at least look put together just by the way you’re dressed. How do you achieve this? You could start by wearing some pieces from the fashion label Lord Logan.

Just take a peek at their “About Us” section on their website. They describe themselves as “a womenswear line that merges classic and innovative styles with fine fabrics and bold colors.” To them, the Lord Logan woman is “to be admired. She is a warrior, a big dreamer, a truth seeker, and a woman that sees beyond the fluff. [She] is an achiever that will not stop until she completes her purpose.”
If you embody these characteristics (or if you want to), then it’s a great thing Lord Logan just released their Spring/Summer 2016 collection! In our last issue, we mentioned Pantone’s colors of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz. If you’re still struggling on finding the right clothes to wear, why not try out these amazing pieces? There’s something for everyone. From blazers to bodycon dresses, these styles are appropriate for work or for when you’re begging for happy hour to come sooner. Wear these all separately or drown yourself with Lord Logan; there’s honestly nothing wrong with that. We would do it! 
Never Hurts to Show A Little Skin
Lord Logan, Read in between the lines – Skirt, $250
Jump Into This
Lord Logan, The Cassaundra Jumper, $242
Shopping Blues
Lord Logan, Who’s the boss.. Oh darling you are…, $294
Peach Bombshell
Lord Logan, Oh so peachy!!, $160
Fresh Princess
Lord Logan, Miami Vice Blazer, $268
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Assert Yourself with Lord Logan: Photographs courtesy of Lord Logan

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