Accelerating Progress: An In-Depth Look At How PwC Is Building on Their Culture of Belonging

The past few years have marked a period of time like no other — from ongoing societal challenges to geopolitical events that have transformed the way we live and work. Organizations across all industries are navigating changes amidst the backdrop of an evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, the rise of hybrid work, climate change and escalating racial and socioeconomic disparities. 

So what’s the best move for a business in turbulent times like these? Lean into its purpose.

That’s exactly what PwC is doing. If you ask what the firm’s purpose is, they haven’t switched it up. It’s to build trust in society and solve important problems. By doing this, PwC aims to make a meaningful difference in the world.

In a year where there were many moments in which PwC might have shifted focus or let up, they instead are accelerating their commitment to transparency and are doubling down on their investment in their workforce in order to continue to build trust with their people, clients and communities. And through this trust, the firm hopes to do more to build on their progress — and their purpose.

But, how does one do this when it seems as if the needs of its people are rapidly changing? How does one keep up? The answer lies in PwC’s community of solvers, more than 65,000 people strong. PwC is an example of intentionality at work through a multifaceted approach that puts people at the center of their culture: from how they attract and retain talent, to how they service their clients and how they’re impacting change in the communities where they live and work.

AfroTech had the opportunity to learn from Yolanda Seals-Coffield, PwC Deputy People Leader and Rod Adams, PwC Talent Acquisition Leader about how PwC is shifting its culture to more effectively support employees.

A Journey Worth Pursuing

Being a firm that prides itself on building trust in society, solving important problems and listening and learning from its community of stakeholders, PwC took recent action to confirm its people’s experience continues to evolve with the times. This spring, PwC launched My+ – a reimagination of the firm’s people experience.

As employees’ expectations and mindsets about where, when and how they work continue to change, PwC is rethinking the work experience to attract, retain and develop talent. The firm understands that people can thrive when their daily experience matches what they value and what makes them happy – My+ aspires to change the way people work, using technology to personalize their careers.

“Over the span of three years, we will work toward a future where there is increased emphasis on growth and development, rewards and benefits are customized, well-being is further stitched into our daily experiences, and there is flexibility to support our people as their lives and needs shift over time,” Seals-Coffield told AfroTech. “We know we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach, so we are giving our people more agency to grow and develop, and providing them with the experiences and connections they need to maximize their opportunities at the firm.”

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter

To build on the firm’s long standing culture of belonging, PwC has set short- and long-term aspirational goals to increase accountability around diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within the firm. Simply put: they’re moving fast to take action, continually measuring outcomes and adapting as quickly as needed to take the next steps that can further their DEI goals to positively shift the makeup of the firm.

As champions for DEI, PwC has many initiatives in place that support its aspirations to continue building a more equitable future. One way they are doing this is through their internship programs, which has been an invaluable channel for identifying candidates, immersing them into the firm’s culture and values, and helping to shape a successful and rewarding career. In fact, more than 6,000 students and others reentering the workforce or changing careers have internships at the firm every year, making PwC one of the largest cultivators of entry-level talent. And more than 90% of PwC interns receive full-time offers, making internships a particularly critical component in shifting the makeup of the firm’s workforce.

PwC aspires to bring in at least 10,000 Black and Hispanic/Latinx students into the firm by FY26. To make that possible, they are investing in intentional programs and processes to strengthen their ties to diverse talent entering the firm, and continuing that support as they progress through their first two years.

“At PwC, we’ve always strived to provide our interns with experiential training and client experiences, as well as the digital skills and business foundation needed to develop, whether they pursue a career at PwC or elsewhere,” Adams pointed out.

There are currently 11 Inclusion Networks at PwC that help to drive inclusion and development in this same vein. The networks engage more than 20,000 PwC professionals based on shared backgrounds, experiences or interests and celebrate diverse representation, drive mentorship and allyship, and help to deepen DEI efforts. 

“Diversity, equity and inclusion have always been a focal point in everything I’ve done, both in my personal and professional life. Here at PwC, that means building on our culture of belonging and fostering a workplace where everyone has the equitable opportunities to grow, learn and excel – something that’s more vital now than ever as we navigate hybrid ways of working,” Seals-Coffield explained.

The PwC Difference

From its bold commitments to diversity to its wide-ranging benefits for its employees, PwC is accelerating action inside and outside of the firm, and is investing in professional growth, industry leading benefits and flexibility.

With strategies in place to position today and tomorrow’s leaders with meaningful work experience, PwC is on par with changing the landscape of what it means to have a people-first culture of belonging.

“Inclusivity has been particularly top of mind for us here at PwC as we see the world around us change, and with it our people’s expectations and mindsets about where, when, and how they work. We’re striving to build a PwC that works for everyone at every stage of their life and career,” Seals-Coffield mentioned.

To learn more about PwC, its job offerings and the firm’s various strategies, visit here.

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