Six Must-Haves For Your Closet In 2023

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Today we want to share six must-haves for your closet in 2023. If you’re a big fan of fashion, then you’ll know that every season that comes around is an opportunity to explore what’s new and what’s trending. With 2023, there’s a lot of history repeating itself in fashion, which is always something to celebrate. There are creations from every decade that are iconic and deserve a spot as a timeless look or fashion piece. For your closet this year, there are certainly some new pieces or refreshed items you may wish to buy to give your selection a bit of an update. With this being said, here are six must-haves for your closet in 2023.

A durable tote bag

Tote bags are one of the best bags for those who have a lot of stuff that they put into their bag on a daily basis. If you were to compare your bag to be like Mary Poppins then a durable tote bag is what you’ll need. There are some wonderful tote bags available through Consuela Bags and when it comes to accessories such as these, the more you invest in the quality, the better. After all, a bag is something that needs to be able to carry around any amount of items for a long period of time.

Over time, if you’ve bought a cheaply-made bag, then you’re likely going to see some damage to the hardware, to the straps that support your bag, and other internal damage. With a more durable tote bag that you spend a bit more money on, you’ll likely save yourself some money from having to buy multiple bags to replace each one that’s not made with quality.

Trench coat

Six Must-Haves For Your Closet

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For a coat that provides ample coverage throughout the year, a trench coat is a classic staple. While you may want to layer it up in the extremely colder months of the year, it’s also a great transitional coat to wear during the fall and spring months. The trench coat has been a popular choice for many years now and has an incredibly rich history. It originates from the 1820s and has since become a great outerwear option for many generations of fashionistas over the years. Even today, the trench coat is a classic option and a worthwhile purchase.

A pair of chic sneakers

If you’re a fan of comfort over the ‘beauty is pain’ approach, then you’ll certainly want a pair of sneakers in your closet. Sneakers come in all styles and designs nowadays and there’s so much more versatility in wearing what would usually be very casual, sports-type footwear. A pair of chic sneakers could help dress down a formal outfit into something more smart-casual and it’s always beneficial to have sneakers in your wardrobe in general. 


As we head into the warmer months of the year, the sun is likely shining a lot more than usual. Unless that is, you’re in the unfortunate position of living in a place that doesn’t get the most when it comes to glorious weather. Sunglasses though have become a staple closet accessory to wear throughout the year. Who says you have to wear sunglasses only when the sun is out? After all, sunglasses help to block out more than just the sun – like the haters for example.

Six Must-Haves For Your Closet

Photo by addy bronzzz on Pexels

Great sunglasses that are made out of quality materials but not necessarily designer are a must-have. Be sure to keep your sunglasses in your case so that they remain free of scratches and dents.

Basic wear

To help get the most out of your closet this year, invest in basic wear. Sure, it’s not the most fashionable of pieces in your closet but they are often the most useful to wear. They can help build the foundations of your outfit and they’re highly versatile for wearing throughout the year.

Basic wear also means opting for colors that aren’t necessarily too bold or out there. Go for beiges, blacks, whites, and neutrals in general. That way, they’ll go with everything and anything you wear.

An abundance of sweaters

To help keep you warm during the cooler months, sweaters are a must-have. If you only have one or two sweaters, time to get a few more. Having an abundance of sweaters is always useful to have, so make sure you have plenty to hand. Make sure you’re caring for your sweaters in the right way too so that they last for a long time.

Your closet is a space to express yourself but hopefully, these few suggestions will help kick off your fashion choices this year.

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