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2021 Fashion Trends: Moon Boots are the Perfect Boots for the Mountains

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With half a century of experience behind their back, the shoemakers at Moon Boots are still producing the best and the trendiest boots for the mountains.

As the winter comes, people flock to the stores to buy winter wear. With many new collections released for the season, however, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. It gets even trickier when it comes to winter boots, especially if they are for trekking purposes.

2021 Fashion Trends: Moon BootsNot many snow boots are renowned for their style, let alone the ones made for the sole purpose of trekking in mind. Hence, it’s no surprise that Moon Boots remain such an integral part of the après-ski culture, with both their original lines and the latest ones offering a perfect combination of practicalities and style. Just a quick visit to the Moon Boot website, and you will be spoiled for choice. With shiny colors, intricate animal prints, tried and tested lacing, these boots keep dominating the winter fashion trends of 2021.

So, before you get seduced by the styles, let’s look at a hot 2021 fashion trend and find out what makes Moon Boots such an essential item to have for the mountains.

Warmth and Comfort for Everyone

Whether it’s the legendary design or the trendy updated versions, Moon Boots are available for people of all ages and sizes. With a huge collection for men, women, boys, and girls, they can be the one chosen for the entire family when you are out and about on a ski trip. They are available with different fits as well, making them the boots of choice in the snowy mountains.

Over the years, Moon Boots has evolved to embrace technical materials and breathable fabrics. But the winter boots are still capable of offering the warmth needed for snow trekking. Snuggly fit in classic shapes, they are very comfortable too.

Practicalities Crafted in Style

2021 Fashion Trends: Moon BootsRegarded as one of the most iconic winter boots by many, Moon Boots offers all the practicalities required in the mountains. They are made using nylons or suede leathers, while the upper is protected with waterproof membranes and fabrics. The rubber soles, on the other hand, are made to offer enhanced grip amidst the slippery snows. The traditional lacing still adorns the Moon Boots, particularly because of their simplicity and unrivaled protection.

Offering so many benefits for the trekkers, it’s easy to imagine the boots to be bulky and not so gorgeous. Yet, Moon Boots manages to pack them all in an iconic, yet fashionable shape.

Homage to Mankind’s Greatest Adventure

If you have a knack for the climb, you are sure to get excited about the story of Moon Boot. After all, its iconic shape was inspired by the biggest climb of humankind so far – the landing on the moon by three human astronauts.

Quite reminiscent of the boots worn by the first men on the moon, Moon Boots is more than just a pair of winter boots. It’s more of a homage and inspiration for today’s climbers.

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