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Lyra Star

(Los Angeles, CA)  Lyra Star really wowed everyone last year with her music video for “Under the Water,” and she is continuing on the path of using her skills as a movement artist to create gorgeous visual art to accompany her haunting, ethereal music.  This time, she transports the viewer into nature, drawing them into a beautiful fairy tale forest world that is reminiscent of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Filmed in Franklin Canyon Regional Park and directed by videographer/photographer Jayden H. Becker (known for the lyric video “The End” by artist Kyns), the shots weave seamlessly back and forth between Lyra’s graceful dance and exploration of the natural world with her more intense contortion movements in deep backbends and handstands.  The song itself, “Fade,” was actually part of Lyra’s full length album, A Thousand Dreams, released in 2018, and it was the very first song that she ever wrote on the ukulele.  What a mesmerizing way to bring attention to this gorgeous track that is full of her signature lush vocal harmonies, flowing violin parts played by Julie Mellon (of the SF Bay area), and hypnotic production/instrumental arrangements by Christopher Krotky (Soundwire Studio in Oakland, CA). 

Buzz Music LA writes: “As one to engage us with her captivating vocals and themes that weigh heavy on the emotions she exudes, Lyra Star manages to illustrate a picture wherever she goes with her in-depth storytelling talents.”

Lyra StarBorn and raised in the music city of Nashville, TN, Lyra Star left after high school to eventually fall in love with the west coast. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2018 to focus more on her artistic career and teaching yoga and pilates.  A self-trained contortionist, Star began to break into the performing world onstage with her incredible skills as a movement artist.  Her music has been compared in sound to Tori Amos, Lana Del Ray, and Fiona Apple. “Fade” in particular is a song that she wrote about feeling physically broken after pushing her body to its limits training for a yoga competition.  This beautiful video does not disappoint, as it is mesmerizing throughout, allowing the viewer to become a part of the artist’s inner world and dreamlike journey, showcasing once again Star’s unique duality as a multi-talented artist through her music and movement.  

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Filmed in Franklin Canyon Regional Park
Directed by Jayden H. Becker
Makeup by Meredith Lim
Song produced, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Krotky (Soundwire Studio)
Violin parts by Julie Mellon

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