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2017 Men’s Denim Trends

Fashion trends come and go, but for decades, denim has remained a wardrobe essential for both men and women. Virtually everyone wears denim, which is something that is not likely to change any time soon.  Unsurprisingly, for 2017, most designers have incorporated this fabric into their designs and collections. As you will see, this is especially the case when it comes to menswear.

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The washed out look
For the past few years, dark jeans have been the trend. That is definitely going to change, in 2017, as designers swing the other way. Stone washed, light indigo jeans are everywhere. These work well with a wider range of colors, so they are bound to sell well.
However, denim jackets and shirts are not following that trend. These are still mostly available in dark blue. Potentially, later in the season lighter jackets and shirts will start to become available.
Skinny jeans are on their last leg
After several years of everyone wearing skinny jeans, many designers are finally moving away from this cut. This year, there are far more straight-cut jeans available.
Jean hemline trends
The hemline of jeans will continue to finish mid ankle. However, we have also seen quite a few cropped jeans. These may start to sell well, as the weather warms up.
Neat hems are out. Instead, most men will be cuffing their jeans, or cutting them to length and leaving the hem un-sewn to create a slightly frayed look.
Another interesting look is to buy jeans that are an inch too short, and unpick the seam to correct the length. This creates a frayed hemline, with the bottom inch, being a slightly different colour than the rest of the jean.
Badged denim shirts
Denim shirts are also making a bit of a comeback, for 2017. Most are designed to fit quite closely to the body, rather than be baggy. They are typically cut straight across the bottom, and are designed to sit just below the waistline rather than midway down the bum.
Some designers have cut their denim shirts like a formal shirt and incorporated only one pocket, with no button down flap. This more formal look opens up the opportunity for men to start to wear denim shirts in ways they have not done in the past.
You can view a wide range of denim shirt styles by clicking here. This retailer specializes in providing clothing for big and tall men. If you fall into this body type category they are a particularly good place to shop.
Bold denim jackets
This year, there are also more denim jackets around. The cuts are traditional, with most being designed to fit snugly. Some designers have used bold logos and motifs to mix things up a bit. These bold badged and embroidered denim jackets are a part of many retailers´ collections.
Head to toe denim
Given the fact that there is such a good choice of denim clothing available, this year, you can expect to see some men dressing head to toe in this durable fabric. However, in all likelihood, most men will stick to wearing only one piece of denim clothing, as they have done in the past.
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