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Holiday Shopping: 5 Unique Styles of Men’s Rings Online

For those out there that are anxious to get your special man a beautiful ring this holiday season, it would naturally make sense to check out the latest styles of men’s fashion rings online. I personally haven’t shopped for men’s rings before so it was quite fascinating to learn more about the different types of men’s rings available. Here are 5 unique styles of Men’s Rings Online that you should consider when shopping this holiday season.

Wood Men’s Rings

Mens Rings Online - boxWood men’s rings are absolutely gorgeous if you like such styles.  Something important that I learned about wood men’s rings is that they are often Tungsten rings with an inlaid wood design.  This could be a beautiful Maple, Oak, Rosewood or even Hawaiian Koa Wood.

Platinum Men’s Rings

The Platinum Men’s Rings are typically the common upgrade that people love out of all the precious metals available.   Platinum is rare, very strong and has a higher density than gold or silver so will weigh more.  Most Platinum men’s rings are sold by their width from 4mm to 9mm and are either flat or rounded.  Many Platinum men’s rings have embedded gems that really make them stand out like diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

Tungsten Men’s Rings

platinum mens ringsTungsten men’s rings are really popular and make awesome Holiday gifts for the special men in your life.  There are hundreds of fabulous styles to choose from.  Tungsten carbide is a very strong metal which also makes it more scratch resistant when compared to other precious metals and requires very little maintenance.  One drawback however is that because of it’s hardness, Tungsten rings cannot be resized so make sure that you size them properly.

Titanium Men’s Rings

titanium mens ring photo

Photo by BikerKarl2013

Titanium Men’s Rings are one of the most sought after men’s ring because of its natural beauty and lightweight feeling when worn.  A really cool and unique feature about Titanium is that it’s bio-compatible and often used in medical equipment.  Titanium men’s rings are also corrosion-resistant which means that it will never give you a rash or turn your finger green.

Ceramic Men’s Rings

Ceramic men’s rings are a wonderful option for those looking for a Holiday gift on a budget.  With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, Ceramic rings are great for men wearing a ring for the first time.  Ceramic is very durable, lightweight and can withstand accidental bumps and scratches.

While the Holiday season is all about experiencing the joy of giving to friends and family, don’t forget about that special man in your life who has been by your side throughout the year.  Surprise him with a beautiful ring and don’t forget about the different styles of men’s rings online that are available as we all enjoy the Holidays and begin celebrating a new year.

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