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What to Wear Before Visiting a Casino

What to Wear Before Visiting a Casino

Sometimes people just don’t know what to wear before visiting a casino yet no-one wants to be turned away at the entrance.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what can happen if you fail to wear the appropriate attire to a venue. If you want to effortlessly blend in with the crowd, or stand out for all the right reasons, you should check out these top tips on what to wear before visiting a casino.

What to Wear Before Visiting a CasinoReasonably Smart Clothing at Night

Most luxury casinos will turn you away at the door if you attempt to enter wearing casual clothing at night.  That’s why it’s extra import to know what to wear before visiting a casino.  It is, therefore, wise to switch the leggings, sportswear or sneakers to an attractive dress or a pretty blouse with skinny trousers. This will allow you to walk into a high-end casino with ease to play a variety of card games and slot machines.

The evening will tend to start once the sun goes down, so you must time your outfit for when you plan to explore a casino. So, if you plan to be out from 6 pm onwards, you should glam yourself up a bit to ensure you aren’t forced to return to your home or hotel to receive entry into a sophisticated casino.

Wear a Semi-Formal Cocktail Dress

Anyone wanting to look sophisticated and stylish at  real money casinos should wear a semi-formal cocktail dress. It will ensure you ooze elegance and style, which will force high rollers to look up from a table or slot machine. Dressing up a little will ultimately boost your confidence once you arrive, so you will feel right at home when mixing with the crowd.

A Relaxed Dress Code During the Day

It is common for most casinos to relax their dress code throughout the day, as they will want to welcome passing customers into their venue. However, you still should never enter a casino in your gym clothing or a work uniform, as you will more than likely be asked to leave as soon as you arrive.

So, while the dress code might be casual, you should attempt to appear smart and tidy. For example, you will not look out of place when wearing a beautiful summer dress or a blouse with a pair of jeans or a smart skirt.

Understand the Word Casual

If a casino states they have a casual dress code, this doesn’t mean you can turn up in your sweaty gym clothes and a pair of sneakers. Casual often means relaxed in comparison to cocktail dresses and black tie.

For example, it is unlikely you will be refused entry into a casino if you are wearing a sundress, a plain t-shirt with smart jeans or a turtle neck with sophisticated khakis. Yet, brash slogans, skimpy attire or swimwear will more than likely lead to you being turned away.

To ensure you don’t make any other big or small mistakes during a visit, here are a few tips for the casino that will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Stick to Flat Shoes

You don’t need to don a pair of high heels when visiting a casino. In fact, most modern venues will not dictate women’s footwear. However, this doesn’t mean you should put on a pair of sneakers or flip-flops, as you will be left disappointed when you are unable to play a table game or machine. 

You can, however, wear other smart, flat shoes, such as pumps or boots. It will ensure you feel both comfortable and stylish when standing in front of a slot machine for many hours at a time.

Always Check the Dress Code

While most casinos will permit casual clothing through the day and smart attire during an evening, you should still check a venue’s dress code before your visit. A casino will more than likely detail the clothing, footwear or accessories you can or can’t wear, which can prevent you from experiencing a fashion faux pas when expecting to enjoy a fun night of blackjack, poker or roulette with your friends, family or partner.

It is also important to remember that casinos might feature different rules for different floors of their venue. For example, the Bellagio in Las Vegas doesn’t have a dress code for their casino floor. However, if you want to gain access to The Bank, which is their exclusive nightclub, you will need to stick to their clothing rules. For example, gentlemen will need to wear a collared shirt and nice shoes, and they must avoid garments that could be viewed as sportswear while women must opt for an outfit that isn’t too casual or revealing.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are some big fashion blunders you must avoid when prepping for a day or night at a casino. A venue will want to provide their customers with the best possible experience, which is why they might encourage all gamblers to avoid wearing clothing with offensive slogans or images, overly revealing outfits or garments that could be used to conceal their appearance.

While it goes without saying, you also should care for your personal hygiene before a visit, as you will be within close quarters with many people as you gamble. So, ensure you shower and use deodorant before you put on an outfit and walk into a luxurious casino.

So, if you are planning to roll the dice and visit a casino in the not-so-distant future, you would be smart to bear the above tips in mind to ensure you don’t make a big fashion mistake that could ruin your day or evening.

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