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7 Essential Accessories Every Man Needs

While most people associate women with accessories, there are a few essential mens fashion accessories that everyone should have in his wardrobe. These are what he takes with him from the office to late-night drinks, and they’re a sign of sophistication and style.

If you take care of the accessories and choose them with an eye for style, you’ll hold onto them for years to come. No, you won’t wear all of them every day, but when the right occasion comes around you’ll be glad you have them. Here are the 7 accessories every man needs to add to his wardrobe.

mens essential accessories

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1. Pocket Square

These mens fashion accessories might feel like something out of an old-time movie, but are very much a staple of men’s style today. Pocket squares are those little details that don’t go unnoticed. The best part is these are really affordable, and you can choose from a variety of colors depending on the colors of your suits. Not sure what color to choose? You can never go wrong with white. You can afford a few bucks towards a big impact on your personal fashion.

2. Watch

Men’s watches are the height of sophistication. We’ve all envied the man in the boardroom with the striking watch who seems to effortlessly check it from time to time. You can be that man too. Choosing a watch comes down to a few factors: style and longevity. You want something classic and not too flashy. Ultimately, your watch needs to last you a few years (or decades) so choose one that’s built to last like the IWC Aquatimer.

3. Black and Navy Ties

mens fashion accessories

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Men struggle to find ties they can wear with anything. While there are occasionally trends towards funky, fun ties, these don’t fit in most situations. When in doubt, you need something to fall back on that you can trust. A solid tie in navy and black will work for anything you own in your closet.

4. Dress Socks

If you’re still wearing white socks, you need to throw them all away. They look unprofessional, and it’s so much easier to wear dress socks every day to work. Solid black or navy dress socks are inexpensive, comfortable, and will last longer than your old gym socks. You can choose different patterns, too, if that interests you, but don’t overdo it. Stripes, argyle, and solid patterns are safe, but anything else might be too noticeable. Finally, choose warmer versions for winter months if your job requires it.

5. Oxford Shoes

A lot of men make the mistake of thinking that dress shoes like oxfords or derby shoes are uncomfortable, but the right pair shouldn’t be. Have a pair in black and a pair in brown so you can match them with anything. They go perfect with chinos, trousers, and even jeans if you want to dress more casually.

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