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Fortune Coins: Top 5 Best Sweepstakes Games

Best Sweepstakes Games

Best Sweepstakes Games

If you’re searching for a reliable sweepstakes casino to play quality games, look no further.  Fortune Coins is home to 400+ slots from top-notch providers, which you’re sure to find thrilling. Interestingly, Fortune Coins adds new games to its collection every week, as indicated in the casino’s social media announcements. As a result, the variety and overall gameplay of the titles are improving. If you register a Fortune Coins Casino account today, here are the top 5 games we recommend playing: 

1. Lucky Panda 

With only 5 reels, the slot is a classic, meaning it’s simple to play. It features vibrant symbols, including a lotus, a bamboo, an umbrella, a musical instrument, a palace, and a golden fish statue. Also, there are traditional card symbols from 9 to Ace. Notably, Lucky Panda is one of the best sweepstakes casino games with special features like free spins, rounds, wilds, and scatters. It’s another major reason this slot ranks number one on this list. 

2. Triple Hot 777

As the description says, this game is currently one of the hottest sweepstakes slots on the Fortune Coins website. Triple Hot 777 is a low-volatility game, meaning wins are relatively frequent. Additionally, it features a massive 1,000x multiplier, which can significantly increase your coin balance. Away from the multiplier, Triple Hot 777 is a retro slot game. The reels feature traditional symbols like fruits, cherries, and 7s, so you’ll enjoy playing it if you’re familiar with classic slot machines.  

3. Wheel of Luck 

Wheel of Luck is a recommended Fortune Coins sweepstakes game for roulette fans. To play, all you have to do is select where you predict the pointer will land after you spin. Afterward, you set the amount of Gold Coins or Fortune Coins you want to play with. Start the game and wait for the result of the spin. If your prediction is correct, you win. Wheel of Luck has quite an impressive 51x maximum multiplier. For instance, if you play with 100 GC and hit the max multiplier, you’ll win 5,100 GC, which is an impressive win. 

4. Emily’s Treasure 

Emily’s Treasure is a fish game, so your task is to shoot and capture fish underwater. You get a cannon, and the more fish you hit, the bigger the coin reward you’ll receive. The gameplay is pretty engaging, and the impressive visuals and unique sound effects add to the fun. Keep in mind that Emily’s Treasure is a high-volatility game. As a result, big Gold Coins or Fortune Coins wins may not be frequent. Nevertheless, if you hit the grand prize, it’ll be worth it, as you’ll receive a 120x multiplier. 

5. Pocket Aces 

To end this list of the top 5 best sweepstakes games at Fortune Coins, we recommend playing Pocket Aces. This game is another thrilling classic slot with a simple 3×3 layout. Yet, the game still has exciting special features like free spins and multipliers. From this description, you can easily guess that the slot takes on a card gaming theme, so you’ll find symbols like Jack, Queen, King, and Ace on the reels. However, the most rewarding symbols while spinning the reels of Pocket Aces are the 7s, bells, and stack of cash. They work as the wild, bonus, and scatter symbols, respectively. 

Bottom Line

The five games listed above will surely deliver an enjoyable social gaming experience. All you have to do is take a few minutes and register on the Fortune Coins website. Once registered, you will receive free coins from the welcome bonus, and you can start playing the exciting games. 

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