Groundhog Day: 5 Movies with Time Loops

Groundhog Day: 5 Movies with Time Loops

It’s Groundhog Day and I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that it’s probably not anyone’s favorite holiday of the year. Maybe for some rodent enthusiasts or someone really into archaic forms of weather forecasting based on superstitions. But one thing related to Groundhog Day that I think most people could get behind is the classic 1993 comedy, Groundhog Day. In the film, Bill Murray plays a weatherman covering the Groundhog Day festivities who becomes stuck in a time loop, having to repeat Groundhog Day over and over again. So, in honor of the plot device used in the movie named after the holiday I know we’re all celebrating today, here are 5 movies with time loops.


Groundhog Day

See? Even this post is stuck in a loop. Bill Murray plays a weatherman covering the Groundhog Day festivities who becomes stuck in a time loop, having to repeat Groundhog Day over and over again. There’s some really great comedy in here watching the full range of how Murray’s character deals with his predicament.


Christmas Every Day

Now here’s a holiday that people can get behind being stuck with. In this 1996 made-for-TV movie, Erik von Detten plays a teen boy stuck in a time loop where he must relive Christmas Day continuously until he can change his selfish behavior. It’s the standard “find the true meaning of Christmas” story, but with the interesting time loop plot device thrown in.


Edge of Tomorrow

Taking what is essentially a science fiction concept into this 2014 science fiction film, Tom Cruise plays a soldier fighting against an invading alien race. After he’s killed in battle, he wakes up to find it’s the day before the battle. The time loop continues as this happens again and again each time he dies. Along with another soldier played by Emily Blunt, he attempts to use the repeated days to figure out how humanity can successfully defeat the alien invaders.


Happy Death Day

Another film that throws the time loop on to a holiday, though I’m not actually sure that birthdays count as holidays, but you know what I mean. In this 2017 film, Jessica Rothe plays a college student who is murdered on her birthday, only to become stuck in a time loop where she must live the day over and over again, each time it ending in her murder. She sets about trying to figure out who her killer is and see if she can finally stop her murder from occurring.



All the other time loops on this list have been someone reliving a day, but in this 2017 comedy we get a much shorter one. Marlon Wayans’s character has to keep reliving the same hour after he wakes up in an elevator naked on the morning of his wedding. He does what he can to get to his wedding on time, but once the church bells ring, he goes back an hour and wakes up once again naked in the elevator.


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