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Documentaries You Should Watch on Netflix

It wasn’t long ago that Netflix made its way into our homes via DVD deliveries. These days, we are flooded with options available at the tip of our fingers which is a double edged convenience. On one hand, we don’t have to wait to binge-watch seasons of our favorite shows, but we do have to sift through a whole lot of stuff we might not be interested in to find what we are really in the mood for. Fear not, fellow Netflixers! We have put together a short list of some of our favorite documentaries that are available now. These films are sure to please, whether you are an artistic soul, a true crime fanatic or a music buff!


Exit Through The Gift Shop
If you like off-beat people and are interested in the underground art world, this is a must see! This documentary tells the story of a French thrift-shop owner, Thierry Guetta, who compulsively videotapes every moment of his life. Guetta follows his street artist cousin, known as Space Invader, who introduces him to other street artists. Eventually, Guetta learns of the mysterious artist named Banksy, and becomes obsessed with finding him.

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