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Ashley Nicole Releases a Short Indies Film Out of This World

“Out of this world, a short film about alien abductions and inspired by the film horse girl starring Alison Brie.”

Ashley Nicole is an indie filmmaker from Texas who has been making short films since 2020, she has already made films in various genres such as Horror, & Drama and some including a message like in Eternal Mind.

But her new short film titled “Out of this world” focuses on alien abductions. The story is about a young girl who is taken away by aliens one night and wakes up in a mysterious room with nothing but a tv in the middle.

As the film goes on she begins to see things including the alien that abducted her, inspired by the Netflix film “Horse Girl” starring Alison Brie and Nicole’s love for sci fi films such as “Independence Day” & “The Fourth Kind” she is determined to make this her best yet.

The Film stars Christian Gonzalez who happens to be her brother, he stars in the film as the alien abductor and with music provided by John Oberkirsch a composer from Denver it brings the film to life and bring it together.

Originally Out of this world was meant to be a feature film that Nicole wrote at the beginning of quarantine, and like all of us she had a lot of time on her hands to write it. Originally focused on a group college kids who work in a small diner in Colorado, begin to be terrorized by a vicious monster from another planet and the main protagonist “Nathan” who is blind.

In her words Ashley States, “since I don’t work with a budget and since I don’t have team obviously I couldn’t make a feature film, so instead I decided the best way to bring it to life was to make it into a short.”

“And after watching horse girl, I became even more inspired.”

But like every film there are subtle references to classic films, for example the TV in Out of this world pays tribute to the 1982 horror film “Poltergeist” the tv in out of this world acts as transporter which takes the girl to different parts of the aliens ship, but as the film goes on things get slightly creepy and slightly Weird.”

Ashley not only directs the project but also stars in it as the Young girl

The Film is available to watch on YouTube as of right now, and will soon be Available on other streaming platforms hopefully.

Out of this world, a short film centered on alien abductions & inspired by the film “Horse Girl.”

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