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Our Inner Donna: Interview with Sarah Rafferty

_MG_7863doneOur cover girl, Sarah Rafferty, is best known for her role as the fiery Donna Paulsen on the USA network’s hit show Suits. As Harvey Specter’s legal secretary and closest companion, Donna sees him as family, and the crafty, resourceful (and sometimes manipulative) Donna will do anything to protect her family. While Rafferty may not share all of the qualities of her sly and sassy counterpart, she can certainly relate to her devotion to her loved ones. The beautiful and talented Rafferty gives us a glimpse into her personal relationships. She serves as living proof that behind every good woman stands a group of people who have molded her into greatness.
Cliché: How was it like growing up the youngest of four girls?
Sarah Rafferty: Amazing! Imagine the hand-me-downs, and the late night chats in adjoining bunk beds.
And now you have two girls of your own! How has the role of “mom” been for you?
Sounds cliché, but I never thought it possible to be so wildly in love.
What do they say if/when they see their mom on TV?
Oh, my kids have never seen me on TV. They do come to set with me sometimes. The main attractions are the craft service truck with the special candy cabinet and the wardrobe room with endless fun dress up opportunities. Our costume designer, Jolie, has a special section of heels and bags and faux fur bits for the girls to enjoy.
Do you think you would have chosen a different career path had your family not been attracted to the arts?
It’s hard to say. I thought I might follow in my mom’s footsteps and try teaching. There’s certainly a fair amount of performance involved in that.
Is it true that you and Gabriel Macht, who plays opposite you as Harvey [on Suits], have known each other for over 20 years in real life? If so, does the familiarity make it easier to act out that chemistry on-screen?
Yes, we met in 1993. I feel incredibly connected to Gabriel. It certainly doesn’t feel like work to act with him, it’s such a pleasure. He’s one of my oldest friends and such a great actor—just amazingly talented and versatile.
What about the rest of the Suits team? Do you all get along once the cameras stop rolling?
Yes. We’re like family. We hang out together on weekends, even traveling together to a lake-side getaway on Canada Day weekend.
While we’re not quite ready to stop watching Donna’s on-screen antics on Suits, are you working on any other projects that we should be looking out for?
Not yet, but stay tuned!
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PHOTOGRAPHER: Quavondo, MUA: Lysette Castellanos, HAIR: Marcus Hoey, STYLIST: Lauren Wyenn. Special Thanks to: Love at Second Sight @ www.LoveAtSecondSight.net

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