Ed Letter: Oct/Nov 2013

I can remember a time when my favorite season wasn’t, in fact, fall, but spring. Ridiculous, I know. Fall is the best season ever. But when I was a kid, after a very long Jersey winter, I welcomed spring as openly as anyone possibly could. I breathed in the scent of freshly mowed lawns like a caffeine addict inhales the scent of coffee. I looked forward to playing outside again and leaving my jacket at home, and for many years I considered the spring to be the greatest thing that could ever happen in the world.
Now that I’m older, slightly more fashion-savvy, and hate the smell of freshly mowed lawns (yuck!), fall has become my favorite season, and I look forward to it every year. Now, after a long summer, I welcome the cooler, cozier weather that actually demands I wear a coat (a navy military-inspired coat, to be exact; see p. 29), which I am rockin’ this season with great satisfaction. There is something about the fall—the shorter days, the vibrant leaves—that just emits this undeniable lulling sense of serenity. In the fall, after a very busy season of adventure, late nights, and journeys, things begin to return to normal and slow down a bit.
The very same can be said about the compilation of this Oct/Nov issue. After a very busy summer, our staff settled in and started dreaming about our favorite fall things: fall fashion (p. 24 and 48), fall music (p. 126), and even fall makeup trends (Halloween, anyone?). Throughout this issue, we’ve gathered some great things to purchase, listen to, and experience to get you in the mood for the best season ever. And we mustn’t forget our amazing cover girl, actress Sarah Rafferty from the hit show Suits, whose elegant style truly encompasses the essence of ultimate fall beauty.
Finally, of course, there are many things to be excited about over the next couple of months, like the November release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (we’ve interviewed Stephanie Leigh Schlund, who plays Cashmere, on p. 74), some of the our favorite holidays, and after months of shamelessly waiting, the worldwide release of Pokémon X & Y. (We are big Nintendo fans here! See p. 27 for proof!)
With that said, we hope you have a cozy, lovely season filled with great fashion, awesome music, and pumpkin-spiced everything.

Megan Portorreal
Editor in Chief
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