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Jordan Fisher Talks ‘Grease: Live’ and His Own Pending Album

Jordan Fisher is one of those people who seems to be good at everything. He acts, plays guitar, piano, drums, and bass, and writes his own music. After making his onscreen debut in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie, Fisher has gone on to be featured all over the television stratosphere. 2016 kicked off with his role as Doody in Fox’s Grease: Live alongside household names such as Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough. We caught up with Fisher to talk about how he got his start and what’s on the horizon in the coming months.
Cliché: Growing up in Birmingham, were you always into entertaining?
Jordan Fisher: All I knew up to age 10 was gymnastics—that is, until a girl at school that I had a crush on joined the drama club… so I joined the drama club. I fell in love with art all at one time!
Who are some of your entertainment idols and what do you admire about them?
Man, the list is long. There are so many incredible actors and artists that I’ve grown up watching. Robert Downey Jr., Stevie Wonder, Jake Gyllenhaal, Luther Vandross… it goes on and on. I just admire hunger, and all of the people that I look up to in this crazy industry have that kind of fire that keeps them going and going and, seemingly, making their work better and better.
How did the Grease: Live opportunity come about?
It was pretty random, actually! I sang at a friend’s wedding party that a Paramount executive attended. Then she reached out to my management. One thing lead to another, I met with Tommy Kail (our incredible director), and it just happened.
What is the biggest challenge you’ve had during rehearsals?
It has been one of the most fulfilling processes I’ve ever been a part of. The cast is incredible, the crew works so hard, and the show itself is already so loved by so many, including myself. The challenge, truly, is coping with the idea of it all ending. It’s gonna be so hard to say goodbye.
Is there one thing you’re looking forward to the most about the show?
Too much to list! Honestly, though, as such a huge Boyz II Men fan, I’m SO excited to watch/hear them perform live. It’s gonna be such a dream come true.
So, what do you have planned for after this experience?
Well, Liv and Maddie is right around the corner, and I’m SO excited to release my album this summer! Look forward to some new music this spring!
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Jordan Fisher Talks ‘Grease: Live’ and His Own Pending Album: Photo Credit: Sami Drasin

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