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Tony Cavalero Channels His Inner Child in ‘School of Rock’

Tony Cavalero is a fun-loving actor with a wide array of work in both television as well as his own improvisational group in LA. Here, he talked to us about the actors who have inspired him, as well as inside information about his role in the new TV series, School of Rock, which is based off the hit film.

Cliché: Growing up, School of Rock was one of my favorite movies. How does it feel getting to turn this movie into a television series
Tony Cavalero: Um, kind of like the first time I ate a Cinnabon…. Incredible and super tasty! It’s also one of my favorite movies. I feel like it’s the perfect film to turn into a TV show. Parents and their kids will both love it together!
Do you find you have a lot in common with your character, Dewey Finn, or are you pretty different from him in real life?
I don’t think I could be more like any other character! I love working with kids because I’m a big kid at heart. Some of the parents say that I am the biggest kid on the set. Dewey is passionate, loyal, and goofy as can be, just like me.
What has been the best experience, thus far, working on School of Rock?
Literally every single part has been amazing, but if I had to single out something, it would be getting to work with all of my cast mates! These kids are incredibly talented, kind, and funny. I can’t wait for the world to see it.
What are you most looking forward to for the series?
For everyone to see how much fun we had making the show! I really think it shows in each episode.
You’ve been in countless other films and TV shows. Is there one role that has stood out to you as a favorite?
Definitely playing Dewey in School of Rock is the best. I also loved playing Billy in the web series Robin Banks and the Bank Roberts. My wife and I do a live sketch comedy show called TONANNIE that is one of my favorite things to do as well.
Who is your biggest acting inspiration? How have they helped shape the actor you’ve become?
I would say both Jack Black and Chris Farley are my biggest comedy influences. Their physical comedy and emotional connection to characters is so inspirational. These two actors are hilarious, but they also make you really care for the characters they play. Tony likey!
If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out in acting, what would it be?
Be persistent and be a nice person!
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Tony Cavalero Channels His Inner Child in ‘School of Rock’: Photographer: Ted Sun, Groomer: Daphne Chantell, Stylist: Catherine Joubert. 3 piece suit and shirt: Moods of Norway

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