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Morgan Stewart Interview

Seldom do I meet a celebrity more captivating, intuitive and over-the-top than Morgan Stewart. The comedic personality of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” is at home being herself. The E! reality TV series, in its second season and no doubt headed for its third, is about six “rich kids” being themselves, having a good time and not worrying about paying bills nor waking up Monday morning facing 30 years of a job they hate. Once the viewer gets past the, “We have money and love spending it,” the show is really funny with Morgan adding to the hilarious situations of her friends living “one hell of a life.” She will jokingly admit, “I cannot act, sing or dance, and I am well suited for reality TV.”
Let’s start from the beginning. Born in Beverly Hills, Morgan, the daughter of a renowned architect, studied communications in college, referred by her as a $150,000 vacation, and then headed back home to start her personal lifestyle blog, “Boobs and Loubs,” two assets that she does have … great looking boobs and over 200 pairs of Louboulins. She describes her on-line journal as “everything I think and feel. It is a depiction of my personality at its fullest… every life experience.”
Looking closer at Morgan, one quickly realizes that her greatest asset is herself… engaging personality, comedic wit and ability to converse with anyone on any topic. Morgan Stewart is destined to be the next “late night” talk show host… maybe E! is looking for a replacement for Chelsea Lately.
Check out the E! hit show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Sunday 10/9C with the finale cliffhanger next week, and at @RichKidsOfBH for some great photos and captions that tell the story.
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Morgan Stewart Interview: Photographed by Matt Sayles, Photography furnished by Chelsea Brandon

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