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Cover Story: Laura Vandervoort Interview


Neon Bodysuit by LAQUAN SMITH; Multi-Color Neon Skirt by AIISHA RAMADAN; Heels by ALEJANDRA G; Rings by SAMANTHA WILLS

On set and off, you always look effortlessly flawless.  Growing up as a tomboy, did you care about things like beauty and fashion? Or was it just something that came along with being in the public eye?
I actually never thought about makeup, beauty, or fashion growing up—which is clear if you see childhood and teen photos of me. I think that all came with working as I got older and attending events in L.A. I became aware of the importance of some of it. Makeup artists would show me how to wear makeup and as of late, stylists have taught me about fashion. It’s not really something I ever thought I would care about, but now I have a lot of fun playing with it all and discovering different sides of myself.
Did you ever dream you’d find yourself on Maxim’s Top 100 Model list? How did it feel when you first found out?
No! Are you kidding me? I grew up with a unibrow, in a karate uniform with sweaty bangs and a boy’s haircut (thanks Mom)! I never would have dreamt of being seen as a Maxim girl. It is still rather odd to me, but flattering none the less.
How do you maintain that gorgeous glow and amazing figure? Please tell us there’s something easier than liquid diets and hours at the gym!
Well, I do enjoy a good workout, so I won’t lie; that’s important. But my Mom always taught me to remove makeup before bed and wear sunscreen. I think those two tips can be lifesaving [in addition to] really just taking care of your mind, body, and soul, as cheesy as that may sound. Work out, do yoga to turn your mind off, get in touch with your inner thoughts, and SLEEP!
If you didn’t choose a career as an actress, what would you be doing instead?
I went to York University for English and Psychology. I always wanted to be a writer. I grew up writing poetry and short stories and creating plays for my cousin and I to act out for our parents. So I’d likely be writing. I recently had the opportunity and idea to write a children’s book about a young superhero. I got the idea at Comic Con while meeting little girls who were tomboys in their costumes. That was me! I thought, “I need to create someone for these little girls to look up to: a definite character with flaws and a unique style, not the superheroes they’re currently looking up to with unrealistic body types.” After writing the first book, the response was that people really wanted to see it as a live action television series. I teamed up with Shaftesbury in Canada and we are making this a reality. Stay tuned!
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Cover Story: Laura Vandervoort Interview “As Good As It Gets” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2014 issue

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