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We have to ask—are you really nude on set when it appears that you are? Are you comfortable when it comes to being scantily clad in front of the cast and crew?
No. I mean, for the most part, yes [laughs], but we do make sure the actors are comfortable and covered up where necessary. Body doubles are often used for wide shots but for the intimate shots and majority, it is us. At first, I was uncomfortable and nervous, but as the cast all got to know one another, it became easy. We all want the show to look as great as possible and have our relationships feel the same way. The comfort level for nude scenes became high, and it became just another scene in the day, rather than this nerve-racking beacon of fear to get through. These scenes are crucial to the plot and Elena’s struggle with the animal inside of her, and thus it was important to make them feel real.
What drew you to this role? Were you a fan of the book series?
I actually wasn’t aware of the book series. My agent informed me of their interest and the synopsis. I was definitely intrigued by the idea of a leading lady who is a werewolf. We hadn’t seen that done before. I always like a challenge. I spoke with our executive producer for about an hour on the phone, discussing the role and the vibe of the show. I asked what any actress would: why was this show different from the existing sci-fi series and feature films? The answers I got were what sold me. I read the books and the first two scripts and signed on! I loved Elena’s tortured past, her struggles, demons, and secrets. But on the flip side, I loved her basic need to belong and be loved—something we all want.
With a predominantly young (and hunky male cast, does it feel like a frat house on set?
No, not at all. There are definitely moments where I look around and the men are shirtless and doing pushups for scenes [laughs], but for the most part I feel like one of the guys. They feel like my brothers. They have all been really accepting of me, much like Elena was accepted into the pack. They have welcomed me into their world and treat me as one of the guys. We are always joking around and laughing. Season one was a wonderful experience and they were all there for me through the ups and downs.
Do you all watch the episodes as they air?
I actually got copies of the show up to episode 9. It made me nervous to watch it live for the first time with everyone else. Having the episodes ahead of time allows me to prepare for what others will see and to warn my parents what NOT to watch [laughs].

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