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MTV’s critically-acclaimed series, AWKWARD, returns to the air on April 15th, 2014. For those who’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of the show, it’s a comedy-drama with an impressive blend of (you guessed it) awkward scenarios that accompany those humiliating teenage years with crucial life lessons that we can all learn from.  Praised for its witty writing and undeniable realism, AWKWARD has earned well-deserved recognition from fans and critics alike, including a People’s Choice Award, a Teen Choice Award, and numerous other nominations. Part of the show’s success is thanks to its brilliant characters, particularly one hysterical Lacey Hamilton who is played by the talented Nikki DeLoach. Despite being one of the hottest TV moms ever, Lacey is known for her sometimes less-than-stellar parenting choices. Essentially, she is clueless about child-raising. Still, as DeLoach reminds us, she is growing and learning just like any young parent does, and it’s that growth and increasing maturity that deserves a little credit.
So we know the gist of Lacey’s character, but what about the actress who plays her? Well, we can probably agree that Nikki DeLoach certainly wouldn’t write her kid an anonymous letter saying, “You could disappear and no one would notice” (oh, Lacey). As it turns out, DeLoach is a woman who sees the good in every situation—including when it comes to her character’s flaws. While DeLoach is clearly a more skillful mom, she sees the positives in Lacey’s parenting: the strength, the communication, and especially the love and good intention. As a fairly new mom herself, she internalizes these qualities, as they are noble ones that every parent (and person, for that matter) should possess. She is nothing if not genuine, and has a clear passion for life—for her son, for her successful career, for her cast mates, and yes, for her kooky character, Lacey. AWKWARD has made a significant, wonderful impact in Nikki DeLoach’s life, and Lacey Hamilton has left her mark as well.

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