5 Services That Help Busy Chicago Parents

5 Services That Help Busy Chicago Parents

Today we want to share 5 services that help busy Chicago parents. It’s not hard to become overwhelmed with the amount of work on your plate as a parent today. It doesn’t matter if you have one child, multiple children, are a single parent, a single-income household, or a dual-income household. We could all use a little help in managing day-to-day responsibilities.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or wishing there were more hours in the day, there may be help out there for you. Check out these five services that help busy Chicago parents get things done so they have more time to relax:

1. Medical House Calls

If your child gets sick and you have multiple kids, that means packing up everyone, even the healthy kids, for an afternoon doctor’s office visit. Now more than ever, we want to stay out of the doctor’s office. Whether you have only one child or multiple, we all want to give our children the care they need without exposing them unnecessarily to harmful environments.

So, instead of going into the doctor’s office, let the doctor come to you! A house call will protect your child from being exposed to anything at the doctor’s office but it also saves parents a lot of time. You only have to carve out enough time for the actual visit. You save the time that you would otherwise spend packing everyone up, sitting in the waiting room, waiting in the exam room, etc.

One of the top-tier options for this service in Chicago is MD at Home. Call or schedule an appointment online to get convenient and safe at-home treatment for your family.

2. Daycare

5 Services That Help Busy Chicago Parents

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A reliable daycare can be a huge help to a busy parent. Cool Things Chicago has put together an article that reviews Chicago’s best daycares. There are great options for full-time and part-time care as well as options for the occasional drop-in. Whether you’re working every day or just need care for the afternoon, you can find excellent service in Chicago.

According to Cool Things Chicago, LadyBug & Friends is a top choice for organic care that encourages uniqueness, respect, and emotional well-being in your children. They cater to kids as young as 15 months old and are located in Hollywood Park. This particular facility only offers full-time or part-time care.

If you’re interested in drop-in care, one great option is the Brainy Boulevard Daycare. It’s a family-owned facility and can hold up to 60 students at a time. Their priorities are to foster creativity and self-expression to give them a truly special experience based on their specific needs.

3. Grocery Delivery

5 Services That Help Busy Chicago Parents

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Because of the pandemic, there have never been more grocery stores, startups, and app services available to deliver your groceries. Even DoorDash has started delivering groceries. Grocery delivery was mildly popular even before the pandemic, but it’s sure to have staying power, especially for busy parents.

When you grocery shop, you either have to leave your kids at home with a parent/guardian/sitter, or you have to drag them along with you. When they come with you, they’re dragging their feet, they’re asking for the latest goofy fruit snack that’s 100% sugar, or they’re having a full-on meltdown. Your rushing, you forget stuff, you just want to get home.

But with grocery delivery, no one has to go anywhere. And the time commitment is only as long as it takes you to enter your grocery list! Many services will even choose substitutions for you so that you always have what you need. It’s an alternative that saves you so much time and stress. Many stores even offer free delivery on orders past a certain dollar amount, so there’s no extra cost!

4. House Cleaning

House cleaning services may be a bit of a luxury, but once you start using this service, you’ll never want to stop. Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a big job, especially if both parents are working full time. Who wants to spend their nights and weekends dusting and vacuuming? Instead, hire a service, let them take care of it, and use that time to invest in your family.

While keeping your home clean pre-COVID was important, it’s even more essential now. You may be thinking, “Wait, shouldn’t I be keeping people out of my house?” And the answer is yes, but… some home cleaning companies are going a step above and beyond to thoroughly deep clean your house, which protects your family from spreading illness.

With sprays, air scrubbers, and electric charges, homes are being cleaned more thoroughly than ever before. This extra protection gives you peace of mind without requiring you to bust out the rubber gloves and scrub brush. You just get to relax and enjoy the extra time you’ve bought yourself.

5. Errand Service

Errand services are the perfect way to finish up all of those little “to do” list items that you’ve been meaning to get around to. One popular option is TaskRabbit, which is available in the Chicago area. You can request help from someone to do just about any small errand. Need to assemble play equipment for your yard? Done. Need to tidy up the house for a spur of the moment slumber party? Done. Want to pick up the hottest new toy for your little one for the holidays? They’ll track it down. (Of course, they help with non-child-related tasks too.)

These services are so great because the definition is so broad. It really is like having an extra set of hands for when you have too many things to get done in a day. Quit putting off those tasks, and use an errand service to help you complete your lengthy to-do list.

When something unexpected happens or you need help in a pinch, don’t panic! There are people ready and willing to help you get things done on time. Instead of totally derailing your schedule to manage things yourself, you can keep on task while the people from the errand service handle it.

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