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Samantha Morton Cast As Newest Villain On The Walking Dead In Season 9

Samantha Morton Cast As Newest Villain On The Walking Dead In Season 9

The Whisperers are coming. It’s been some time since the first tease of their arrival but things are finally beginning to take form. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Robert Kirkman announced that Samantha Morton would play the iconic villain, Alpha, in Season 9 of The Walking Dead. The reason Alpha is so integral for the Whisperers is that she’s their leader.


In the comics, Alpha leads a group of strange survivors who wear walker skins as disguises. They’ve perfected this mode of disguise and used it to attack Alexandria and the allied communities on several occasions. Alpha and her Whisperer comrades also successfully infiltrated Alexandria, taking several people hostage. Those hostages wound up being killed and impaled on pikes but it was those deaths that cemented the conflict between Rick Grimes and Alpha.

As for Morton’s character, she has quite a pivotal role to play in the coming season. If her introduction is at all similar to her comic counterpart, she’s going to be responsible for several major character deaths. The television adaptation has drawn a line away from the comics but that doesn’t mean everything will change. In turn, there is a good chance Ezekiel and Rosita will meet their end at Alpha’s hand.

On the off-chance that Alpha, is drastically different from her comic counterpart, she could fill a different role on the series. Kirkman’s initial announcement didn’t include specifics, meaning Alpha (Samantha Morton) could be different from what we expect. Alpha’s core traits will probably remain intact but her motivations/philosophies might change. If so, Alpha has the potential to become the new leader of the apocalypse.


Speculation aside, Morton has some big shoes to fill. The comic equivalent of Alpha is one of the most prominent characters in the story and arguably, the villain who made the biggest impact on The Walking Dead narrative. As such, Morton has the job of bringing that character to life in Season 9. Fortunately, her long list of acting credits more than proves Morton has what it takes.

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