Triple Charm Wants You To Get Up and Dance for Latest Single, “Don’t Need A Reason”

Music will always be an inseparable part of Triple Charm’s identity. “Music is so important to us. We grew up as competitive dancers, so it’s always been such a huge part of our lives,” they say. “We know how powerful music is. And making our own music has given us an even greater appreciation for it. You never know how much one song can impact someone’s life.” The trio of sisters is beyond grateful to be able to make music as a team. “Doing what you love, with the people you love, is the best feeling in the world! We are so lucky to be on this journey together and can’t wait to see where it takes us!” They are obviously making a statement, having gained millions of followers over the past few months. “It’s been incredible, and we feel so fortunate. For us, follower growth has been a result of our consistency, combined with the app’s algorithms. So, we do our best in the areas that we can control, and when it comes to how much the platforms push out our content, it’s always kind of a surprise. We’re just very grateful to all our supporters who are on this journey with us. Because without them, we wouldn’t be here.”

Their recent single, “Summer Again,” captures the giddy anticipation of summer. “It’s the feeling of summer bottled up into a song. We wrote it at the end of the school year when all we could think about was summer break. Our excitement for the warm weather, beach trips, and memories to be made was what inspired the song. The track is influenced by the 90s because when we think of summer nostalgia, that’s what comes to mind. We hope you’re reminded of happy summer days when you listen to it.” The girls were able to make the most of their vacation. “This summer has been great! We’ve been using the time off from school to make as much content as possible and focus on writing new music! We also got to go on a few trips, which was really nice. The summer is almost over and we want to squeeze in as many more fun things as possible, so we posted a video asking our followers to give us some bucket list activities. We’re planning to do their ideas and take them along the journey with us. It’s going to be such a fun way to end the summer!”

Summer may be ending, but Triple Charm is keeping the good energy going. Their latest single, “Don’t Need A Reason,” turns cherished family memories into a lively party. “This single is very special to us. We created it to honor and celebrate our Hispanic culture. We were inspired to write it by our Abuela and the days we would spend at her house, dancing to Latin music together. We don’t speak much Spanish, but we wanted to challenge ourselves to write our first ever bilingual song. We hope to learn more Spanish over time, because it feels important for us to connect with all parts of who we are. The song is sure to have you up on your feet!”  They intend to honor the unbreakable connection between Hispanic culture and dance. “Music and dance have always been a huge part of Hispanic culture. To celebrate that, we combined those two elements to create a Latin inspired song about dance. In many cultures, especially Hispanic culture, dance brings people together. We really wanted to highlight and celebrate that because it’s played such a big role in our lives.” The sisters believe that the song should be a cathartic source of joy and healing. “We hope when people listen to ‘Don’t Need a Reason,’ they will immediately want to get up and dance. We want to inspire others to use music and dance as their medicine, like we’ve done our whole lives!”

Like their energetic music, they have no plans of slowing down. “At the moment, we are working on new music and always creating new content! We have so many goals, like going on tour. For now, we want you to remember you’re amazing!” Triple Charm is a triple threat! Follow Triple Charm on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

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Triple Charm Wants You To Get Up and Dance for Latest Single, “Don’t Need A Reason.” Photo Credit: Secret Key Entertainment, LLC.

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