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From ‘The Bachelor’ to Blogger: Becca Tilley

If you mix together Southern California charm with a flawless balayage, you get Becca Tilley. Stepping away from her image as a two-time contestant on The Bachelor, Tilley has proven that she is so much more than the stereotypical good girl. Through her blog, beccatilleyblog.com, Tilley gives a peek into her crazy-busy life and dishes on her style, beauty, and lifestyle tips. With the ability to look back and laugh at past mistakes and a killer sense of humor (seriously, check out her tweets), Tilley is the BFF every 20-something needs in their life. We got the chance to chat with Tilley on all things fashion, including that old, oversized t-shirt we all know and love.

Cliché: We’ve loved seeing your style evolve over the years. How has your fashion sense grown? Any major style regrets?
Becca Tilley: Thank you! I mean, if anyone can look back on all of their fashion decisions and not have any regrets, I would love to meet them! [Laughs] I think as trends evolve and as I’ve developed my own taste, it’s very easy to look back at old photos and laugh at things I have worn. I’ve evolved just by following the trends I like and that work for me, and staying away from the ones that don’t make sense or look good on me.

What are some trends you’re dying to try out this summer?
I am LOVING the big, ruffled, billowy sleeved tops right now. They are so fun and such a different spin on a classic blouse.

Your love of spinning gives us some serious fitness motivation! How has fitness influenced your fashion sense?
I think fashion and fitness go together in the way that you want to look good and feel good in whatever you wear. Clothes look best when you feel confident about yourself.

Where are you loving to shop at the moment? Are you more of a late-night online shopping girl or local boutique girl?
I love Zara and Free People. I love online shopping because I can be really lazy; however, I do love visiting local boutiques as well. It’s fun to feel the clothes and see how they fit and try them on with other pieces.

You always seem to have such stylish ladies around you. Who influences your fashion sense the most?
JoJo [Fletcher] always has the cutest outfits. We ask each other’s opinions on a lot of our clothes that we choose. I also think Lauren [Bushnell] and Amanda [Stanton] always have the best clothes; it was a fun group to share clothes with on The Bachelor. I’ve also met so many fashion bloggers who just blow me away with their style. I love Mary Seng of HappilyGrey and Olivia Culpo (SHE IS EVERYTHING!). I’m constantly inspired everywhere I look.

Clothes look best when you feel confident about yourself.

We love following your friendship with JoJo! If you could steal one item from her closet, what would it be?
She is sitting next to me right now and has on these jeans from Zara that I think I’m going to steal from her. But everything she wears is so cute; she has great style!

Do you feel your style is more influenced by the West Coast or Louisiana?
I would definitely say it’s more influenced by the West Coast, simply because I am surrounded by so much fashion and inspo everywhere I go! Whether I am on social media or out and about, it’s so accessible.

One scroll through your blog clearly shows how you don’t seem to stay in one place for too long! What’s always in your suitcase no matter where you go?
A giant, ugly, oversized t-shirt. I love looking cute and being glam for photos and going out, but there are few things that make me happier than getting into my big t-shirt and underwear after a long day! The rattier, the better.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?
I am going to be working a lot more on my YouTube channel! I have quite a few requests for a hair tutorial and a makeup tutorial, so I think I will start there. I am always trying to grow, be better, and do more!

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From ‘The Bachelor’ to Blogger: Becca Tilley: Photographed by Nicole Moser

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